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Nat Myers Wikipedia: Siblings And Family Of The Korean-American Musician

Nat Myers pushes the limits of sound to produce a mesmerizing fusion of melodies and lyrics that results in an unforgettable musical experience, making people wonder about his Wikipedia page.

Nat Myers is a young virtuoso born in 1991 in Kansas, United States.

Myers has a thick, resonant southern accent that resembles Kentucky brandy. The Korean-American poet performs front-porch blues and traditional country music.

In his own words, he is a young Asian cat playing old Black music.

Further, his first love, poetry, inspired him to pursue it, leading to the start of his troubadour career.

While busking on street corners and in tube stations, he sang several original songs and a few covers for commuters and tourists.

Moreover, he recently released a new album titled Yellow Peril. It is a term that has been used to disparage Asian immigrants since the 19th century.

Despite his notable contribution to the genre of old American music, Nat Myers remains absent from the world of Wikipedia.

Who Is Nat Myers? Wikipedia Explored

Nat Myers’s Wikipedia has been a mystery to his admirers, who long to know more about the artist.

Born in Kansas, he had a nomadic childhood, moving between West Tennessee and Northern Kentucky.

As Nat Myers Wikipedia page doesn't exist this baby picture is from his Instagram.
Nat Myers taught himself to play the traditional rural blue style. (Source: Instagram)

In high school, Myers fell in love with poetry and classic literature, particularly Homer and Shakespeare.

He discovered a connection between the grand-scale storytelling of poets and the rough tales of legendary blues artists.

Further, he taught himself to play the traditional rural blues style. In 2017, Nat was given an old Presto disc-cutting lathe to record songs using the same technology.

He relocated to New York City to study poetry at the New School and adapted his writings into songs.

Myers started busking on street corners and subways to support himself, earning $20 on his first day. He was convinced that performing his songs could be a viable career.

Nat Myers posing in a hat for the picture
Nat Myers found a connection between the storytelling of poets and blues artists through his dad’s collections. (Source: Instagram)

The COVID-19 pandemic forced musician Myers to return to Kentucky. He continued writing songs and sharing videos on social media.

Later, his music gained attention, leading to the release of two albums, Field Recordings (2020) and Hobo Wine & Remedy Blues (2021).

Dan Auerbach, vocalist of The Black Keys and founder of Easy Eye Sound Records, discovered Myers’ music through his videos. He then invited him to Nashville for a meeting.

The collaboration resulted in the production of Yellow Peril (2023), featuring twelve songs recorded at Auerbach’s 100-year-old stone mansion in Nashville.

Regardless, fans hope for Nat Myers Wikipedia to learn in-depth about the artist.

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Siblings And Family Of The Korean-American Musician

Due to the lack of Wikipedia of Nat Myers, not much information is available to the public regarding his private life.

Myers’ mother is Korean. She met his father, an American soldier serving in Korea. Together, they entered the nation and settled in Kentucky, where he was raised.

Nat Myers posing with a guitar
Nat Myers represents his mixed heritage through his music. (Source: Instagram)

He seems to be selective when it comes to disclosing private information and his family.

However, he mentions his parents in his interviews. He stated,

My mom got me a left-handed starter guitar, just trying to keep me away from the riffraff I was hanging out with. I kept hanging out with them, but now I had a guitar.

Nat also said that his mom doesn’t perceive him as Korean as he doesn’t speak the language.

Because of the absence of Wikipedia, details about Nat Myers siblings aren’t available to his fans.

His ability to maintain confidentiality reflects his respect for the sanctity of his own space.

Also, Nat hasn’t posted family pictures on his social media handle. He likes to keep his private life away from the spotlight.

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