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Natalie Mcnally Death Case: Who Is Her Boyfriend? 32-Years Man Charged With Murder

Natalie Mcnally Death has devastated her family and friends. She was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder. Let’s dive deep into this Natalie Mcnally death case and other details on her murder.

Today, a 32-year-old man was accused of killing Natalie McNally in Lurgan.

Stephen McCullagh, of Lisburn’s Woodland Gardens, was detained on Tuesday and charged the following day.

He appeared by videolink at Lisburn Magistrates’ Court but remained silent the entire time.

The court rejected a bail request, and Mr. McCullagh was detained. He is scheduled to return to court on February 24.

Let’s get more details on Natalie Mcnally death case and her accused boyfriend.

Natalie Mcnally Death Case

The murder of Natalie McNally in Lurgan has been put on the criminal record of a 32-year-old man.

When Ms. McNally, 32, was stabbed on December 18 at her home in the County Armagh hamlet of Silverwood Green, she was 15 weeks along with her pregnancy.

The individual was previously detained on December 19 and was taken into custody in Lisburn, County Antrim, on Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, he is scheduled to appear before Lisburn Magistrates Court.

Natalie Mcnally Death
Natalie Mcnally Death has devastated her father and mother. (Source: Rational In Surgent)

More than a thousand people gathered in Lurgan at the end of January for a demonstration in Ms. McNally’s honor.

The attendees were requested by her family members to report any information to the authorities as well as to remember Ms. McNally in their prayers and their thoughts.

The National Women’s Council organized the gathering in Lurgan Park.

Who Is Natalie Mcnally Boyfriend? 32-Years Man Charged With Murder

Police who are looking into Natalie McNally’s murder have detained a 32-year-old man once more.

He was previously taken into custody on December 19, 2022.

At the Musgrave Serious Crime Suite, the man is being questioned.

The 18th of December saw the fatal stabbing of Ms. McNally, who was 32 years old and 15 weeks pregnant.

More than a thousand people showed up at a demonstration held in her honor on Saturday in Lurgan Park.

He gave her a horrific death, and the victim’s Father said, “I only hope it was over quickly.” Before her death at home, Natalie McNally “was never more joyful,” according to her grieving father.

Stephen McCullagh
The PPS solicitor claimed McCullagh had found something on his ex-partner’s phone that “he didn’t like” and later assaulted her. (Source: Sunday World)

The 32-year-old victim, who was 15 weeks pregnant, was killed on December 18 in Lurgan’s Silverwood Green.

The weapon that is thought to have been used to kill the victim was stolen from her own house but was later found.

The killer is being sought after by the PSNI, but Natalie’s grieving parents, Noel and Bernie, as well as her three brothers, are also doing their best to find the person responsible.

Their daughter’s murder has been in the news spotlight thanks to a constant stream of press and TV interviews.

The devastated couple remembers a “beautiful” daughter as images of Natalie smile down from every wall in the family home.

She was a lawyer who later worked for Translink and held a master’s degree in marketing and business from Queen’s University Belfast.

According to Mrs. McNally, her daughter “simply went on with things” and was cool under pressure.

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