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Who Is Laura, Nate Bargatze Wife? Marriage, Kids & Family

With the upcoming ‘The Be Funny Tour’ of comedian Nate Bargatze, netizens are now more curious than ever about his life, especially his wife and marriage life.

Nate is travelling all around the US, and many of his shows are already sold out. His next show is on the 22nd of October in Oklahoma City, OK, in the Paycom Center.

The Atlantis magazine once referred to him as The Nicest Man In Stand-up.

In his shows, he talks about a range of topics, such as his wedding, hotel breakfast, and or something about losing his phone.

Nate Bargatze is married to his wife, Laura, whom he first met in the year 2000 as an office colleague.

Who Is Laura, Nate Bargatze Wife? Marriage & Family

Her full name is Laura Baines, born on 1 May 1980 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. She is 43 years old, one year younger than her husband.

Information about Laura’s academic history is vague, but we certainly know from her podcast that she graduated before she started working.

Laura is the complete opposite of her husband in terms of online presence.

Meanwhile, she has no official account on almost any of the social media sites.

Nate with his wife and daughter.
Nate’s father was a magician and a clown (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Nate has almost 170k followers on Twitter and more than a million followers on Instagram

However, Mrs. Bargatze is a person who works in the background. Alongside Nate, she holds an important position on Nateland Podcasts.

Laura’s first job was at the Applebee’s as a Marketing Coordinator, where she and Nate met for the first time. She worked there for a year and later resigned.

Soon after, she landed a position in New York’s Alexandra Investment Management and Thomson Reuters as a marketing specialist. In two years resigned and moved to L.A.

Laura Talking on the Nateland podcast
Initially, Nate Bargatze worked as a bartender in Chicago.

Finally, in 2010, she secured a position as a Consultant at Kurtzman Carson Consultant LLC. This time, she worked there for nine years.

Eventually, she left the company in 2019 for good and worked full-time as a producer of Nateland Podcasts with her husband.

Since then, his wife, Laura Bargatze, is been using her expertise as a marketing specialist to grow “Nateland Podcasts”, with her being a producer and Nate as a co-host of the show.

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How Did Nate Bargatze Meet his wife?

The couple first met in the year 2000 as office colleagues at the “Applebee’s” in Woodland, CA. For a few years, they were just good friends.

Soon after, the two “just good friends” expressed their love to each other and ended up as a couple.

They dated for a while, and in an instant, the couple married on 13 October 2006 and welcomed their daughter, “Harper”, in July 2012.

Bargatze family and friends at a stadium.
Nate’s full name is Nathaniel Lee Bargatze. (Source: Instagram)

Nate Bargatze was not famous when he first met his wife. In 2002, he started pursuing his passion for comedy and ended up becoming one of America’s most famous comedians.

Laura shared details about the initial phase of the relationship in the Nateland Podcast.

She looks back on the days of “Applebee’s”, when she and other staff members, including Nate, used to go out after office hours.

Interestingly, She recalls that one day, Nate was listening to “Little Mermaid” when he suddenly asked one of his friends to “Sush” as he was listening to this song.

Nate’s confidence blew the lady away and resulted in creating the power couple we know today.

So, now as we know about Nate Bargatze and his wife, we can indeed sense the reason for their success and a happy life.

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