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Who Is Ned Dubofsky Wife Lindsay Alyson Marks? Meet His Daughter Casey Dubofsky And Family

Lindsay Alyson, the wife of Ned Dubofsky, is inconsolable over her husband’s passing in a questionable car accident.

On February 8, 2023, at the port of Washington, a man named Ned Dubofsky was reported to have died in an accident. 

A witness and the report from the Nassau County Authority Department indicate that his SUV appeared to have entered the water close to Hempstead Harbor at around three in the afternoon.

It’s generally accepted that fatalities resulting from car accidents in that specific location. When the personality passed away, he was only 54 years old, and it happened in a very suspicious way.

The death was a traumatic experience that left the community and the deceased person’s family very sad.

Ned Dubofsky Wife: Meet Lindsay Alyson Marks

Ned Evan Dubofsky’s wife is Lindsay Alyson, and they married on January 22, 2005. Their 18th wedding anniversary was just recently celebrated.

Lindsay is seven years younger than Dubofsky. During their weddings, she was the public relations and marketing coordinator for Ralph Lauren Home in New York.

Ned Dubofsky’s wife seeks for answers regarding his death. (Source: Twitter)

He was the owner of an insurance agency in Jericho, New York. Attended George Washington University, was Dubofsky. His first marriage ended in divorce, and this was his second marriage to Lindsay Marks.

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His wife Lindsay is experiencing unfathomable heartbreak as she searches for explanations for how Ned died so suddenly as investigators work to determine what happened to lead to this man ending up in such tragic circumstances.

Meet Ned Dubofsky Daughter Casey Dubofsky

Ned Dubofsky also has a daughter whose name is Casey Dubofsky.

Casey Dubofsky founded a nonprofit organization called “Safe Eats,” she solicits restaurants from all over Nassau County to sign up for a program that instructs their staff on how to use EpiPens.

Dubofsky experienced a potentially fatal reaction to tree nuts in a restaurant cookie when she was three years old. Her parents were unaware that she had an allergy at the time, and no one had an EpiPen.

Also disclosed by Ned Dubofsky was the terrifying moment his daughter’s throat began to close while she was screaming.

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When the price of EpiPens became an issue, Casey Dubofsky contacted her county legislator for assistance. Casey Dubofsky said the program would change her life and bring her peace of mind.

Ned Dubofsky Family Details: Where Are They From?

Ned was very private, and only a select few knew him well. 

He hadn’t spoken about his family publicly, so there were few potential sources to look through when researching them online. Public records did not contain details on Ned’s parents or their whereabouts.

Ned Dubofsky was found dead after vehicle plunge into Port Washington water. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, any private information the Police discovered while conducting their investigation was kept to themselves when they took custody of Ned and his family after he passed away. And since the incident, none of them have been mentioned in the media.

Netienzs are interested in the circumstances surrounding Ned Dubofsky’s passing, and many wonder if he committed suicide.

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The New York Times sent its condolences to the entire Dubofsky family and to members Lindsay, Casey, Charlie, Betsy, and Nancy in an obituary posted on the Legacy website.


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