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Was Neon Stabbed By Punchmade Dev Or Was It A Skit?

Neon has collaborated with many famous people in the entertainment industry, like 6IX9Ine. However, a recent collaboration with another rapper has turned into a controversy. Did Neon get stabbed by Punchmade Dev?

Neon is a 19-year-old YouTuber who was born in the year 2004 on August 13.

He is known for his gaming videos and skills while playing games like NBA 2k games and 1v1’s.

While he has become popular with the name Neon, it is not his real first name. His real name is Rangesh Mutama.

He comes from an Indian family but has lived in the US since birth.

Recently, he has been in the news for being in an altercation with Punchmade Dev, who allegedly stabbed Neon.

Punchmade Dev Stabbed Neon? Truth Of Stabbing Incident

Punchmade Dev is a rapper, producer, and actor born on 2000 October 16.

Apart from rapping, he does gaming like Neon and has a huge fanbase.

Neon Stabbed
Neon’s fans want to know if the video was a skit. (Source: Twitter)

He had his record label at the age of 23 called ‘Punchmade Records.’ 

Belonging to a similar gaming community and having a fanbase from the same age group, Punchmade Dev and Neon met each other.

Neon uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘N3on MEETS Punchmade Dev For The First Time.’

Everyone thought that Neon and Ounchmade would be doing more collaborations and work together.

But suddenly, news and a video surfaced on the internet where it appears that Punchmade stabbed Neon.

Neon and Punchmade Dev
People are questioning why Punchmade Dev would do such an activity. (Source: Twitter)

In the video, it can be seen that other people were also attacking Neon along with Punchmade Dev.

However, there have been many occasions where two or more YouTubers have come together to fake an event.

Many creators do this to generate more views and likes for their videos.

Speculations about the attack on Neon being fake are surfacing the internet, and people can’t differentiate whether it is real.

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Controversy Surrounding Punchmade Dev And Neon: Was Robbery Video Real or Fake?

In the video, Punchmade Dev and his two other friends are wearing a mask.

They seem to have stolen various items like shoes, phones, and glasses from Neon and also stabbed him.

Punchmade Dev and his other friends also made sure to damage Neon’s shirt, which he was wearing.

The speculations of the fake video saw the light after it made its way to Neon’s Twitter account.

Many believe that if Neon was really stabbed and robbed, he would not have posted it himself.

And if Punchmade Dev made the post, Punchmade is not afraid of the repercussions as it is fake to begin with.

Neon Youtube
Neon has been silent ever since the video has been surfacing. (Source: Instagram)

However, others think the attackers made the post from the stolen phone.

But questions are still arising about why the attackers themselves posted the video.

Regardless, many fans of Neon are worrying about his safety and well-being after the incident.

Some are also wondering why a rapper who claims to be so rich would steal from another influencer.

Not only that, it is very unlikely that any famous people would put themselves in a position where they could lose all their reputation.

It is still unverifiable whether Neon and Punchmade Dev’s altercation was a skit or real.

Let’s hold on to the confirmation from both parties before coming to any conclusion.

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