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Nercy Montano Biografia: Mayor Of Besieged Salvadoran City Arrested For Corruption

Mayor Of Besieged Salvadoran City Nercy Montano made headlines recently in December this year. The Soyapango Mayor was accused of labor quotas charges. Read Nercy Montano Biografia. 

The El Salvador Public prosecutor’s office filed a case against Montano in December 2022 for misappropriation of labor quotas.

She allegedly connected with appropriating labor quotas.

The prosecutor’s office and common citizens supported Montano’s detainment as she influenced the political power and decisions to conduct illegal activities.

Be with us as we unfold Nercy Montano’s Scandal and her arrest.

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Nercy Montano Biografia: Mayor Of Besieged Salvadoran City Arrested 

Soyapango Mayor Nercy Montano instantly gained fame but for all the wrong reasons. 

Montano was detained under severe allegations, including misappropriation of labor quotas, embezzlement of public funds, and breach of duties to the detriment of the Public Administration. 

Nercy Montano Arrest
Soyapango Mayor Nercy Montano was Arrested for misappropriation of labor quotas. (Source: MSN)

The National Civil Police of El Salvador arrested Montano in connection with illegal activities to influence political decisions in the country. 

The Mayor of Soyapango, Montano, allegedly breached duties to the detriment of the Public Administration to influence the significant strategic position. 

According to the arrest warrant for Montano, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, with the help of El Salvador’s National Civil Police, complained about the crimes and their mission to protect the interests of society.  

El Salvador president Nayib Bukele supported the locals and authorities and seemed against the mayor of Soyapango.

President Bukele reacted to the capture of Montano, saying that corruption in the country was never touched and officials of the same Party found ways to corrupt the government.

He assured that he would support the Police and authorities to take legal action against corruption and misuse of power. The president said: 

If we want to grow as a society, we must know that this is a necessity and it is unavoidable. We should uproot the bad so that the good can move forward. 

However, a few common people, national opposition sectors, and Human Rights organizations don’t support President Bukele. They are unhappy with some of his harsh decisions in the country. 

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Where Is Nercy Montano Now? Mayor Of Besieged Salvadoran City Involvement In Corruption?

Yes, Soyapango Mayor Nercy Montano recently created buzz and controversies after her involvement in corruption.

The National Civil Police of El Salvador arrested the mayor of Soyapango under investigation for her involvement in the misappropriation of labor quotas and corruption charges. 

However, it is hard to see if Montano will face prison or come clean after the investigation. 

The country’s politicians, including the Parties, have already made controversies after the Salvadoran government empowered to suspend certain freedoms and guarantees. 

The government suspended some freedom rights to facilitate the deployment of military and Police in the streets. 

Not many were happy about the government’s decision, especially Human Rights Activists, including national opposition sectors. 

Although it was a great pride for the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to combat the gangs, opposition and human right organization opposed the idea.

Many common citizens were unsatisfied with their government’s harsh rule. 

Soyapango Mayor Nercy Montano’s case is no different, as the investigation allegedly showed her involvement in appropriating labor quotas shifting the political agendas.

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