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Why Neri Oxman Gay Rumor Trending Despite Spouse Bill?

After removing Claudine Gay from her position for plagiarism, Bill Ackman is now facing internet scrutiny for plagiarism allegations against his spouse Neri Oxman. This has led to an unrelated rumor.

Neri Oxman is a famous designer known for her unique art and architecture designs.

She was born in the year 1976 on February 6 and is American-Israeli by nationality.

Most of her works feature new platforms and techniques like 3D printing and fabrication.

She has a Ph.D. in architectural design and computation from the ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology.’

Furthermore, she also has a doctoral degree from the same institute which she got in the year 2010.

Currently, she is trending all over the internet and there is a rumor going around about Neri Oxman being gay.

Plagiarism Controversy surrounding Neri Oxman, Bill Ackman, and Claudine Gay leads to Confusion

The gay rumors come from the recent controversy surrounding her alleged plagiarism in her academic writing.

The academic writing was for the doctoral degree that she got in 2010.

Neri Oxman and Bill
Neri Oxman and Bill Ackman have been together for a long time. (Source: Twitter)

She had to write some papers for MIT as part of her academic program which is now speculated to have a lot of plagiarism.

Not only that but her other works are also found to contain works from other papers.

This is linked with her gay rumors because recently her husband Bill Ackman was responsible for removing Claudine Gay from her position at Harvard.

Claudine Gay was the president of Harvard and Bill wanted to remove her because of her response of anti-semitism and also plagiarism.

She also had allegedly plagiarised some content for her various academic works.

This situation is not all over the news for the irony of it and the name Claudine Gay and Neri Oxman are tending together.

Neri Oxman gay rumors
Neri Oxman will have to face the consequences if the allegations are true. (Source: Twitter)

This is the reason some people are confusing the last name of Claudine which is ‘Gay’ for Neri Oxman being a homosexual person.

The confusion started on Twitter when some users started pointing it out.

However, Neri Oxman is not gay and is still with her partner Bill Ackman.

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Bill Ackman Responds to The Controversy Surrounding His Wife Neri Oxman

Bill Ackman is also trending along with both females and is under internet scrutiny after the news came out.

People want to know what he has to say about his wife Neri Oxman since he was extremely vocal about his disapproval of Claudine Gay in the past. 

Bill has made a response to the netizen’s questions with a tweet from his Twitter handle.

Neri Oxman and partner Bill Ackman
Neri Oxman and partner Bill Ackman are navigating the whole situation together. (Source: Twitter)

He has said that he will conduct a proper review of all MIT faculty and leadership papers including his wife Neri’s.

He also added that his efforts in the past to point out Claudine Gay’s plagiarism has led to an attack on his family including his wife Neri Oxman.

So, the whole confusion regarding Neri Oxman being gay despite of spouse Bill Ackman was a huge confusion.

This is why it is important to do proper research before adding to a rumor or spreading it further.

Neri Oxman has not made any posts or tweets on any of her social media handles to address the confusion.

It appears that she has a bigger mess to handle at the current moment.

Let’s wait and see what the results of the plagiarism review will bring to light.

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