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Nex Benedict Parents Mother Sue & Father: Family And Siblings

With the recent death of Nex Benedict, people’s interest in her family and parents has arisen significantly. As a result, most of them have gone online for further details.

Nex Benedict was a 16-year-old non-binary child who lost their life after a school fight.

They were a sophomore year student at Owasso High School in Oklahoma, where the fight broke out.

Following the news of their death on February 7, a day after the assault, Nex along with her family caught the media’s attention.

As the news continued to reach a worldwide audience, many concerns regarding the safety of transgender kids in the community have arisen.

Additionally, their death news has continued to spark numerous discussions among social media users in the past few days.

Meanwhile, with the untimely demise of Nex Benedict, people globally are searching for their parents details.

Nex Benedict Parents Mother Sue & Father

Despite the ongoing discussion about the death of Nex Benedict not much information about their parents is available online.

However, as per the news sources sharing their death news, Nex was raised by their grandparents Sue and Walter Benedict since their childhood.

Their grandparents even adopted them as their legal guardians and played an important role as a parent.

Nex Benedict image sketched by an artist.
Nex’s grandparents are their legal guardians. (Source: Twitter)

Both of their grandparents always supported their decision and helped them face every challenge as a non-binary person.

Despite their grandparents’ support, the gender identity of Nex eventually took their life after a heated argument in the school bathroom.

Following this incident, both of their parents claimed their fault in parenting the kid.

Additionally, their grandmother, Sue was the first one whom they texted about the school fight explaining every single detail about it.

Upon receiving a call from the school officials, Sue even went to the school and later took Nex to the hospital for treatment.

However, her efforts eventually ended up with nothing as Nex took their last breath in front of Sue.

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Details On Nex Benedict’s Biological Parents And Siblings

Despite the known information about Nex’s legal guardians, and their grandparents, not much is known about her biological parents.

Meanwhile, the grandparents of Nex Benedict have also not disclosed any information about their parents.

Moreover, the topic of their parents will continue to remain surrounded by mystery, unless further developments.

Nex Benedict captured in a restaurant.
Nex’s grandparents are awaiting further investigation. (Source: Twitter)

So, it is hard to conclude whether they are still alive or not.

Similarly, talking about Nex’s siblings, they had a sister named Malia Pila who grew up along with them.

However, further details about her is not widely available at the moment.

Although Malia, on the death of her Nex made a statement describing them as a wonderful child.

She even added that they impacted the whole family in a way that no one could explain.

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Reaction From The People On Nex’s Death

Following the untimely death news of Nex, many of their relatives and close ones shared their tribute to the family.

Some groups of people even described the reported attack that caused their death as a hate crime committed against the transgender community.

Image of Nex created in her memory.
Nex’s death has left a profound impact on the society. (Source: Twitter)

The principal chief of the school also shared his sadness on their death considering them as a wonderful child.

Additionally, the American Civil Liberation Union (ACLU) issued a statement connecting the attack on Nex with the washroom-related bill passed by the state.

Meanwhile, many social groups and LGBTQ activists accused Chaya Raichik of hate comments for Nex’s death.

However, the death of Nex is not just caused by a single individual but due to a combination of factors.

So, blaming a single person for their death doesn’t seem ethical at the moment.

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