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Nicholas Godejohn Wikipedia: Is The Gypsy Rose Mom Murderer Still In Jail?

Following her release from jail on December 28, 2023, news of Gypsy Rose Blanchard spread rapidly, with netizens actively seeking detailed information about her crime partner, Nicholas Godejohn, on Wikipedia.

Nicholas Godejohn, born on May 20, 1989, is a native of Big Bend, Wisconsin.

Nicholas Godejohn, known for the 2015 murder of his ex-girlfriend Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s mother, is a convicted murderer.

His involvement in the murder plot against Dee Dee Blanchard stirred controversy.

Apart from that, Godejohn faced arrest in 2013 for allegedly viewing explicit content on his laptop at a McDonald’s and engaging in inappropriate behavior.

The inexplicable deed in June 2015 shocked many people, causing widespread distress over the horrific event.

Yesterday, Godejohn’s girlfriend was released from jail after completing 85% of her sentence.

As all eyes turn to the whereabouts and fate of Nicholas Godejohn, this remains a matter of contention, with active searches for him on Wikipedia.

Nicholas Godejohn Wikipedia: Is The Gypsy Rose Mom Murderer Still In Jail?

Nicholas Godejohn, who was convicted for the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, is still in prison.

However, his ex-girlfriend, aka Gypsy Rose Blanchard, was released yesterday.

He received a life sentence without parole plus 25 years for first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Authorities convicted Godejohn in 2018, a few years after the 2015 murder took place.

On the left is the grown-up Gypsy, and on the right is Gypsy with her mom when she was young.
Gypsy’s mom had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. (Source: Facebook)

The trial delay might result from factors such as the time required for pre-trial investigations, court scheduling, and legal proceedings.

At the time of the crime, he was 26 years old, and as of the current year, 2023, he has reached the age of 34.

Recently, Godejohn has sought a new trial on the grounds of ineffective counsel during his original trial.

His new attorneys argue that his original legal team failed to request a change of venue.

This lapse occurred even after the case garnered significant attention in local and national media.

Godejohn, sporting a full-grown beard, gazes directly at the camera
Godejohn fell under Gypsy’s influence, brainwashed in the name of love. (Source: Facebook)

Also, they argued that Godejohn’s lawyers failed to investigate or present the jury with enough witnesses or evidence.

Moreover, this oversight would have bolstered their claim that Godejohn had diminished capacity due to his autism.

The judge has yet to decide, and both parties await a ruling that will shape the legal proceedings.

Wikipedia of Nicholas Godejohn is experiencing a surge in popularity due to the recent news of his ex-girlfriend Gypsy.

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Unraveling The Twisted And Fatal Lovestory: The Wikipedia Journey Of Nicholas Godejohn

People are searching for Nicholas Godejohn and Gypsy Rose Blanchard on Wikipedia and social media due to a meticulously planned and executed horrific event.

On October 9, 2012, Nicholas Godejohn and Gypsy Rose Blanchard began their relationship on a Christian Mingle dating app.

Gipsy, enduring abuse from her mother and relying on a wheelchair, found a deep connection with Godejohn.

Gipsy sees her mother as not just an abuser but also the main influence in her current situation.

Godejohn and Gypsy met in person for the first time at a movie theatre in Missouri in 2015.

During this outing, Gypsy took a bathroom break, which was an excuse for her to meet Godejohn in the restroom.

Nicholas and Gypsy, smiling together.
They connected through a Christian dating app, and love blossomed between them. (Source: Metro.co.uk)

After several meetings and numerous text exchanges, Gypsy asked Nicholas to murder her abusive mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

He agreed because he was madly in love with Gypsy, and he wanted to help her escape from her mother’s abuse.

Moreover, Gypsy’s persuasive words and the web of love and lust influenced his decision.

In June 2015, Gypsy left the front door unlocked, allowing Nicholas to enter the Blanchard residence undetected and fatally stabbing Dee Dee.

Gypsy and Godejohn premeditated and planned the murder as a means to escape the abusive situation.

In the courtroom, Nicholas sitting with two individuals, one of whom is his lawyer.
As per his attorney Nicholas has autism. (Source: Reddit)

Recent reports suggest that after the murder, Gypsy and Nicholas engaged in sexual activity in Gypsy’s room.

Moreover, they took cash and the murder weapon from Dee Dee’s house, fleeing to a motel near Springfield.

Eventually, they chose to send the murder weapon to Godejohn’s Wisconsin home to avoid getting caught with it.

Subsequently, they made their way to Wisconsin by taking a bus.

Their love story came to an end when the police apprehended them as murder suspects in the case of Dee Dee Blanchard.

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