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Is Nick Cannon Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity Of American Actor, Host

Nick Cannon is a famous actor and host who has made countless appearances on the popular TV shows America’s Got Talent and Wild’ N Out. With the emergence of the war in the Middle East, many critics suspect that Nick Canon is Jewish.

Cannon has been a staple in the Hollywood entertainment industry for decades now. He started his career as a stand-up comedian with his father.

In 1999, as a teenager, he became affiliated with the rap group Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad.

Subsequently, Nick landed some recurring roles on Nickelodeon’s All That and Kenan and Kel.

In 2003, he released his debut album named after himself, which included the song Your Pops Don’t Like Me.

Following the success of his career, Nick started his TV show, The Nick Cannon Show, where, aside from being the main lead, he was also the writer and executive producer.

In 2005, Nick Cannon started Wild’ N Out, the most successful and longest-running show of his career.

However, in 2020, Nick Cannon commented on his podcast, Cannon’s Class, which sparked widespread outrage among the Jewish community.

Is Nick Cannon Jewish, Or Is He An Anti-Semite?

In July 2020, Nick was all over the news, this time for all the wrong reasons.

Viacom CBS fired him after his anti-Semitic comment on an episode of Cannon’s Class.

His conversation with Professor Griff revolved around Jews controlling the finance industry.

Further, it also included the role of Jews in stealing the identity of blacks.

Such discussion clearly signifies that Nick Cannon is not Jewish.

Finals of the Masked Singer
Nick Cannon is also a successful rapper. (Source: Instagram)

Following the incident, Nick apologized for making racist comments and claimed he was not well-educated on the matter he talked about.

Furthermore, his relationship with Viacom CBS also rekindled as the network accepted his apology and resumed the production of Wild’ N Out.

However, Nick continues to make headlines, whether through his political views, relationships with famous women, or children.

Nick’s radical beliefs and his racist comments about whites and Jews have hampered his image, but somehow, he has still managed to get success year after year.

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Deep Dive Into Nick Cannon’s Religion And Ethnicity

Nick Cannon and his anti-Semitic controversy in 2020 have made us understand that he is not Jewish.

However, he has been publicly talking about his commitment to the Christian faith for a long time.

Nick sharing the stage with Bret Michaels
Nick Cannon founded his record label, Ncredible Entertainment. (Source: Instagram)

Nick also shared memories of his childhood when he used to go to church with his family every day of the week.

Furthermore, Nick has claimed that he tries to attend church every week, making him a devout Christian.

However, he also possesses a healthy skepticism towards religion being used as a weapon of war and the interpretation of God.

Interestingly, Nick also wears a turban, which makes some people think that he is a Muslim.

Nick With His Family
Nick has a total of twelve children. (Source: Instagram)

However, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he clarifies that he wears it to promote cultural understanding.

On the other hand, when it comes to his ethnicity, we can see from his appearance and belief that he belongs to the black race.

His parents, James Cannon and Beth Hackett, are of African-American descent.

Such facts throw away the argument about Nick Cannon being Jewish.

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