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Nick Carter Tattoo: Numbers, Designs & Meanings

After finding out that Nick Carter has many tattoos on his body, people are searching to understand the meanings of each tattoo and how many he has.

Nickolas Gene Carter, born on January 28, 1980, is an American singer and a member of the vocal group Backstreet Boys.

As of 2015, he released three solo albums, Now or Never, I’m Taking Off, and All American, in between Backstreet Boys schedules.

He collaborated with Jordan Knight on an album titled Nick & Knight.

Moreover, he appeared on television occasionally and starred in reality shows such as House of Carters and I (Heart) Nick Carter.

People are paying increasing attention to Nick Carter’s appearance due to his rising popularity.

Nick Carter’s style has evolved. However, when he removes his shirt, it becomes evident that his appearance resonates with the late ’90s era.

Likewise, he possesses many tattoos, each representing different meanings or symbols.

Enthusiasts and fans delve deep into the significance behind each tattoo of Nick Carter.

Nick Carter Tattoo: How Many Are There?

Nick Carter sports numerous tattoos on his body as he has been inking his body for quite some time, sparking curiosity among fans about his love for tattoos.

He boasts three distinct tattoos on his back: a crescent moon and sun, a musical note, and the nickname ‘Kaos’ placed vertically.

Likewise, his right arm showcases a tribal sun, an armband, and a Chinese symbol.

Meanwhile, his left arm displays a shark amidst vast blue waves embellished with three stars and two Chinese symbols.

Nick Carter daughter looing at his tattoo
Nick’s daughter loved his tattoo like him. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Nick has a tribal seahorse on his left calf, an unidentified tattoo on his right calf, and two tattoos on his chest, bringing his total to thirteen tattoos.

While some of his tattoos are massive, others are more subtle.

Opinions vary among fans; some adore his tattoos, while others disagree.

Regardless, Nick Carter remains passionate about inking his body with meaningful designs.

Interestingly, he decided to remove a tattoo from his left arm and replace it with a new one.

Moreover, he candidly shared a photo on social media of a tattoo on his leg that he regrets.

Fans are eager to uncover the stories behind Nick Carter’s tattoos, especially those he has both created and removed over time.

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Design And Meaning Of The Tattoo Of Nick Carter

People have developed a keen interest in understanding the meanings and designs of each Nick Carter tattoo.

Nick expresses his love for the ocean and participation in water sports through a great white shark tattoo on his left arm.

Surrounding this shark, he incorporates a collage featuring a Koi fish, a symbol of good luck in Asian culture.

Nick Carter foot tattoo
Nick Carter disliked the leg tattoo and questioned why he got it. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, he tattoos Chinese symbols on his left arm, translating to ‘God of the Sea.’

On his right leg, he has a stingray with the letter ‘N’ and a seahorse symbol on his left leg, although he later expressed dissatisfaction with the latter.

Nick shows his love for music by getting a blue and black music note on his right shoulder. He also has a sun with rays around it and the Chinese symbol for ‘talent.’

Likewise, his nickname, ‘Kaos,’ is prominently inked down the center of his back in elegant script.

Moreover, his left shoulder has a crescent moon and sun scene tattooed on it.

Although he initially tattooed two black footprints on his chest, he decided to remove them later.

One of the exemplary pieces of advice from tattoo artists about not getting a significant other’s name inked.

Nick inking in left hand smiling
Nick removed two black Footprints on his chest. (Source: Instagram)

However, Nick Carter ignores this advice and tattoos ‘Paris Hilton’ in cursive on his left wrist while dating her.

Eventually, Nick decides to hide the ‘Paris’ tattoo.

Hence, he covered this tattoo the same year with a skull-and-crossbones design, accompanied by the phrase, ‘Old Habits Die Hard.’

From a young age, Nick Carter maintains a consistent passion for tattoos.

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