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Nick Castellanos Tattoo: Total Number, Meaning & Design

Most people already know that Nick Castellanos has a tattoo all over his body. However, now they are trying to find its meaning and design, which is further down the article.

Nicholas Alexander Castellanos, or just Nick Castellanos, born on March 4, 1992, is an American pro baseball player.

He’s currently the right fielder and third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Before this, he played for the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds.

The Detroit Tigers drafted him back in 2010, right out of high school. That made him a highly-rated prospect in the baseball world.

In 2012, Castellanos even starred in the All-Star Futures Game and earned the title of Most Valuable Player.

His career kept rising, and in 2021, he reached new heights. He got selected to play in the All-Star Game, claimed the Silver Slugger Award, and was named to the All-MLB Second Team.

So there’s always a spotlight on him, and Nick Castellanos hasn’t been afraid to show his tattoo to the audience.

Nick Castellanos Tattoo: Total Number, Meaning & Design

Many fans have wondered about the tattoo of Nick Castellanos after seeing them in interviews and images.

Nick has said that he has a lot of tattoos, with each carrying their meaning.

So, we don’t know the exact number of tattoos he possesses. He might have gotten inked in places that he hasn’t shown to the public.

But here’s what we know about the tattoo of Nick Castellanos so far.

On one of his hands, Nick has around 4 tattoos, each holding its unique meaning. Like an artist’s canvas, his hand tells a tale of personal significance.

Nick Castellanos batting
Nick Castellanos hasn’t revealed all of his tattoos to the public. (Source: Instagram)

First, the leopard inked on his hand signifies a state of mind, a reference to his thoughtful nature.

It embodies qualities of strength, adaptability, and keen awareness, mirroring his approach to life.

Then, he has an elephant tattoo symbolizing memory. Elephants are well known for their recall abilities, intelligence, and gentle nature.

Nick may well associate this trait with the cherished moments that he wishes to remember.

Next, there’s a bonsai tree tattoo that he has associated with patience and resilience.

Among these meaningful symbols is the Uncle Iroh tattoo, which he got just because he really likes that cartoon character from the famous animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Nick also has a lot of tattoos on his other hand.

But from his images and interviews, we could only make out the Buddha one, which he has in his upper arm. The Buddha tattoo signifies the serenity and purity of life.

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Nick Using Tattoo To Express Himself

It’s quite common for athletes to express themselves through body art in the world of professional sports.

In the case of Nick Castellanos, his tattoos add an element of intrigue to his public image, leaving fans curious.

As mentioned previously, the four tattoos on his arms express himself. There are many other famous athletes, like Tyler Wideman with 9 tattoos, Lionel Messi with 19 tattoos, and so on.

Nick Castellanos with his family
Nick Castellanos is married to Jessica Gomez and has one kid with her and another one from his previous marriage (Source: Instagram)

One of the reasons why most athletes choose to tattoo themselves is that sports stand out among high-paying industries as a place where having lots of visible tattoos doesn’t typically harm your job opportunities.

Professional athletes, due to contracts, personal choices, or the demands of being in the public eye, often have limitations on their free time.

They can’t smoke, drink excessively, or use drugs, which rules out activities like clubbing and bar hopping. Their diets are closely watched, so they can’t freely dine out.

They must avoid activities that risk injury, which rules out many sports and physical hobbies.

In this context, getting tattoos becomes a popular way for athletes to pass their leisure time without much risk. It also becomes a means of expressing themselves.

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