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Nick Nairn Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Celebrity Chef?

Nick Nairn illness and health have been a topic of discussion; learn more about what happened to him via this article.

Nairn is well-known as the youngest Scottish chef who won a Michelin star in the early 1990s. 

The chef has been involved in many restaurants and owns in different places. Nairn was the regular cook in the cooking show Ready Steady Cook.

The chef has written several books and newspapers about his cooking and presented himself in different television shows. 

People are often curious to learn about his personal information and health issues, as he was previously involved in different health conditions. Read further to learn about his current situation. 

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Nick Nairn Illness And Health Update

The chef was left with different cuts and injuries on his face and different part of his body in 2016. 

It became a serious issue, and two tugs bit him in Aberdeen streets in the morning. 

He was assaulted on Union Street while walking home from my Cookschool; two people hiding their faces with the black mask bit him and ran off.

It happened around 1 am, and people around him called Police and Ambulums very soon and helped him; he was fine, but the blue eyes and many cuts were seen for a long time.

Nick Nairn left black and blue after savage beating in attack outside cookery school.
Nick Nairn left black and blue after a savage beating in an attack outside the cookery school. (Image Source: The Times)

Nairn said I m likely to be alive. The chef was brutally bitten and left on the street, and he mentioned it had given him a new life perspective.

The chef has been refined and healed with all the marks he was with. He updated about his health through his Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Nairn became more aware after being assaulted; he always became anxious to move to where he got assaulted. 

One of the people who assaulted the chef was arrested just two days after the incident, and he faces the charges for the assault.

What Happened To Celebrity Chef Nick Nairn?

The celebrity chef has been doing great with his health condition, but two people were injured during the Fire in the restaurant. 

On August 2021, his restaurant caught Fire, and the news was viral on different social media platforms; the pictures from the Fire were out.

Henderson Street in Bridge of Allan caught Fire in the kitchen, and a different part of the restaurant was damaged; he started to make it within a week, and it has all been repaired.

Fire crews were called to tackle the blaze at Nick’s on Henderson Street in Bridge of Allan.
Fire crews were called to tackle the blaze at Nick’s on Henderson Street in Bridge of Allan. (Image Source: Daily Record)

People were interested in knowing the health condition after catching Fire, but everyone was safe. Only two were injured because of the smoke and were later sent to a hospital.

Nairn has been doing great with his health condition; he is back at his restaurant and has been living a good life with his family.

The chef has no serious issues; he has not been presented in any show recently, and he has been focused on his restaurant. 

Nairn might have caught a minor health issue; he mentioned that he was sick almost 5-6 years ago and couldn’t present himself. But at present, he is doing great with his health.

If you were following the news about the chef not being okay with his health, then it might not be accurate.

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