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Nickayla Rivera Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Meet Naya Rivera Sister

The world was in shock to know that their favourite Glee actress Naya Rivera lost her life in a tragic accident. After her death, her sister Nickayla Rivera got into a lot of controversy, let’s get into the details and her Wikipedia.

Nickayla Rivera is a famous model and the sister of the late actress Naya Rivera.

She was born in the year 1994 on November 2nd in Santa Cruz, California.

Nickayla comes from a family of famous people her mother is model Yolanda Previtire and her father is George Rivera.

She has a very rich cultural background, her father has German roots while her mother has African and Puerto Rican roots.

Ever since Nickayla Rivera has stepped into the fashion world as a model people have been curious about her Wikipedia.

Nickayla Rivera Wikipedia: From Modeling Success to Helping Family Amid Tragedy

Having two people in her family who were very successful in modeling, Nickayla Rivera also decided to try her hand at it.

In an interview, she opened up about how her sister Naya and mother Yolanda have helped her at the beginning of her modeling career.

Nickayla Rivera Wikipedia
Nickayla Rivera has a very impressive Wikipedia after all these years in the modeling industry. (Source: Twitter)

She was lucky enough to have such support behind her back which made it easier for her to get into the right circles.

Not only did she have good connections and a backbone in the industry she also had the right features to be a model.

She stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches, which is often the ideal height of a runway model.

After stepping into modeling, Nickayla Rivera has walked many famous ramps including the New York Fashion Week.

She also had the opportunity to get a feature in the famous Sports Illustrated in the year 2016.

While her modeling career was thriving a very tragic incident took place in her life.

Nickayla Rivera’s sister Naya went missing in a lake and later was found dead.

This incident left Naya’s son without her mother.

Nickayla Rivera modelling
Nickayla Rivera has all the right features to be a commercial model. (Source: Twitter)

Nickayla Rivera now helps raise her nephew with Naya’s ex-husband Ryan Dorsey.

She appears to be doing everything to make sure he is loved.

However, this has also time and again led her to receive hate from the netizens.

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Nickayla Rivera Addresses Controversial Speculations About Her Relationship with Ryan

The netizens have concerns about Nickayla Rivera’s closeness with Ryan.

According to them, she and Ryan looked like they were doing more than just raising Naya’s kid.

The speculations came after the two were seen holding each other’s hands in Los Angeles Target.

Some reports also suggest that Nickayla Rivera and Ryan were living together at a point.

Nickayla Rivera Wiki
Nickayla Rivera and her whole family have a very solid Wikipedia because of all their work throughout the years. (Source: Twitter)

After this information came to light, she has been receiving a lot of hate online.

To address the hate and concerns Nickayla Rivera made a post on her Instagram.

In the Instagram post, she writes that in the darkest times only thing that matters to her is her friends and family.

She continues writing that she does not care about how things may look like.

Nikayla adds that no one can truly see what they are going through.

This led to many of the haters apologizing to her but some are still not sure if she should be spending that much time with Ryan.

Especially because Naya and Ryan had already gone through a separation before her death.

Let’s hope that the Wikipedia of Nickayla Rivera is all about her accomplishments and not this controversial issue.

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