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Representative Nico Rios Wikipedia, Age: Biography And Ethnicity

With the recent popularization of the case of Nico Rios being accused of racism and homophobia, people have started to search for the Wikipedia page of the representative.

Nico Rios was born in Chicago in October 1988 and is a Republican state representative for District 23 in North Dakota.

He gained fame for his diverse background, starting his political journey as an intern and staff member in the U.S.

Moreover, Rios has been an active member of the House Judiciary Committee.

However, he gained fame following his arrest in December 2023 for driving under the influence (DUI).

Similarly, the incident quickly went viral on social media, drawing criticism and prompting Rios to apologize, attributing his actions to excessive drinking.

Additionally, some social media users remained unconvinced despite the apology continuing to condemn his behavior.

And this time around, netizens are looking up Wikipedia pages to know more about Nico Rios.

Nico Rios Wikipedia: Career And How Old Is He?

Nico Rios is a 35-year-old Republican state representative from North Dakota, born in Chicago, Illinois.

Sadly, Nico Rios doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page, making it difficult to find details about his life. However, here’s what we know.

Nico Rios started his venture with professional soccer at Club Atletico Argentino de Merlo and later transitioned to the oil sector in 2014.

NIco Rios looking at a pen
Nico Rios faces two charges under the state of law. (Source: Nypost)

Rios settled in Williston after moving to North Dakota and worked as a wireline operator in the telecommunications industry.

Later, he entered the political arena in 2022 after campaigning for the North Dakota House of Representatives in District 23.

He also competed in the Republican primary against Scott Dyk and Todd Beard and got nominated alongside Dyk.

Rios and Dyk triumphed over Democratic-NPL candidates in the main election and earned 45% and 54% of the vote, respectively.

Likewise, he also sits on the Interim Judiciary Committee, advocating for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-business policies while opposing illegal immigration.

Recently, in December 2023, the public criticized Rios when the police arrested him for DUI.

Furthermore, the incident was captured on body camera footage, which went viral as Rios made homophobic and racist remarks towards the arresting officer.

Nico Rios getting arrested
When asked, Nico Rios did the walking test but said no to the blow test. (Source: Nypost)

However, despite issuing an apology, some social media users remained unconvinced, continuing to criticize him for his actions.

Nonetheless, the controversy has brought attention to his age and career, raising questions about his conduct.

Despite doing various significant works as a politician, Nico Rios has not yet received his personal Wikipedia handle.

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Early Life And Ethnicity Of Nico Rios

The early life and ethnicity of Nico Rios will also serve as pivotal information in his Wikipedia.

Nico Rios grew up in the south side of Chicago, where he learned and lived.

Growing up, he attended public schools and graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet.

Moreover, he actively participated in athletics and student government at High School in 2006.

Nico Rios handcuffed.
Attorney General Drew Wrigley said Nico Rios didn’t call him the night he got arrested. (Source: Nypost)

Rios ventured to Washington, D.C., after completing high school, where he began his political career.

He served as an intern and a staff member for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from 2013 to 2014.

Cruz entrusted Rios with responsibilities during this time, such as policy research, constituency service, and media relations.

Meanwhile, Rios takes pride in his Hispanic ethnicity, representing diversity in North Dakota.

Subsequently, Nico Rios is the first Hispanic legislator and one of the youngest in North Dakota.

Nonetheless, he wants to inspire and be a role model for young Hispanics to follow their dreams and aspirations.

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