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Nicola Bulley Suicide: Did She Take Her Own Life? Dead Body Found On River

Many are interested in learning more about the Nicola Bulley Suicide. Given that Nicola Bulley went missing in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, on January 27, igniting a significant investigation.

The body of Nicola Bulley was discovered in the River Wyre on Sunday, according to Police. The body of missing mother was found in St. Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire, according to Police.

The 45-year-old mother of two sadly vanished on January 27 while walking her dog. After dropping off her girls, ages six and nine, at school, she disappeared.

Less than a mile from where Nicola was last seen, cops were called to the location on Sunday morning, and her body was pulled from the river.

Ms. Bulley, a mortgage broker, is survived by her partner Paul Ansell; two kids, Harriet, 9; Sophia, 6; her parents, Ernie and Dot Bulley; and her sister, Louise Cunningham.

Before speaking with CNN, Stephanie Benyon, a friend of Bulley’s whose kids go to the same school, described Bulley as “a nice, devoted, and caring person who values her two girls, family, and friends.”

Paul Ansell, Bulley’s longtime companion of 12 years, had called the circumstance “perpetual hell.”

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Nicola Bulley Suicide: Did She Take Her Own Life? Dead Body Found On River

As post-mortem studies are being conducted, Nicola Bulley’s death remains “unexplained.” According to detectives, she may have drowned after dropping her dog’s ball and attempting to retrieve it.

There is still no sign of wrongdoing or outside interference. The Police are still investigating how Paul’s social media accounts were hacked.

The 45-year-old, a mortgage advisor, was last observed on January 27 dropping off her two girls, ages six and nine, to school with her springer spaniel Willow.

The following morning, Willow was discovered wandering wild with Nicola’s phone, still connected to a conference call, on a bench beside a rocky riverbed.

The family of Nicola Bulley lashed out at the media and the general public for defaming her relatives and friends when a body was discovered in a river and identified as being that of their loved one, saying they could never understand “what Nikki had gone through in her last moments.”

Nicola Bulley Suicide
Nicola Bulley Suicide: She may have drowned while attempting to retrieve her dog’s ball. (Source: Mirror)

The family also criticized “appalling” statements about Nicola’s friends and family and her partner, Paul Ansell, in the media and on social media.

Mr. Ansell described his reaction to the body’s discovery as “agony,” but he has not spoken out since the official identification was made.

The discovery marks the completion of a thorough search of the area that involved experts combing a sizable section of the river for days on end.

Nicola’s body was thought to be discovered among reeds, making locating her difficult for experts.

She was ‘categorically not’ in the area of the river where Police suspect she fell in, according to expert divers who volunteered to check the riverbed with cutting-edge technology.

Specialist Group International (SGI) said they spent “four hours on our first day” searching the area close to where Nicola was later discovered, but they were “not involved or charged with” exploring the riverside, which has reeds.

On Sunday, dog walkers spotted the body just before midday and called the Police. Police chief superintendent Bob Eastwood claimed an “absolute avalanche” of criticism was directed at the department for taking so long to locate Nicola.

It is anticipated that an inquest will open soon to determine the precise causes of Nicola’s passing.

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