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Who Is Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, Brigitte Bardot Son? Wikipedia And Age

Brigitte Bardot son name is Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, the mother and son share a harsh memory. Learn more details about Brigitte Bardon son in this article below.

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, better known by her initials B.B., is a former renowned model, singer, and actor from France.

The actress was one of the most well-known sex icons of the 1950s and 1960s, noted for playing sexually liberated characters who led hedonistic lifestyles. Bardot left the entertainment business in 1973, yet she is still a significant figure in popular culture.

Marie has wanted to be a dancer since childhood. In 1952, Brigitte began her acting career. She attracted the interest of French intellectuals and received widespread acclaim in 1957 for her performance in And God Created Woman.

The model was the focus of Simone de Beauvoir’s 1959 article The Lolita Syndrome, which dubbed her the first and most emancipated woman of post-war France.

For her performance in The Truth, the performer received a 1961 David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actress.

Brigitte Bardot Son Wikipedia

Brigitte Bardot son Wikipedia page is unavailable on the internet. On the other hand, Nicholas’s mother has her own Wikipedia page set up, listing her professional and private life details.

When the actress was 25 years old, she started looking for a doctor to perform an abortion as soon as she learned she was pregnant.

However, since such operations were illegal in France, no doctor dared to try them.

Brigitte Bardot’s final trimester of pregnancy was complete misery. The paparazzi gathered around her home, each hoping to get a special snap of the expectant actress.

The performer was so frightened of going to the hospital that she even opted to give birth there.

Brigitte Bardot son
Brigitte Bardot son Nicholas-Jacques Charrier’s Wikipedia is unavailable. (Source: sloslobodenpecat)

Brigitte Bardot son was described as a “cancerous tumor” in her book, which she attempted to remove by repeatedly hitting herself in the stomach.

Additionally, Brigitte declined to breastfeed the child due to the “inhumane role of the nurse” she was assigned. Bardot admitted to the interviewer that she would have wanted to have a little dog as a child.

Jacques Charrier, her husband, had thought Brigitte would have a maternal instinct, but the actress only showed her affection for her kid while posing for pictures.

Brigitte soon left for the actor Sami Frey. Her spouse requested a divorce and the right to raise his son on his own after learning that she had abandoned him.

Brigitte believed that someone needed to take care of her, so she could not take care of the child, which is why the model refused to care for the child throughout the trial.

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Brigitte Bardot Son Nicolas-Jacques Charrier Age

Brigitte Bardot son was born on January 11, 1960, and the family named the boy Nicolas-Jacques Charrier.

As of the mentioned date, Brigitte Bardot son is 64 years old. Nicolas visited his mother to spend some time with her when he was 12 years old.

But Bardot sent him back to his father, saying she had a social function that evening and couldn’t take care of him. Nicolas avoided his mother for many years after that event.

When Jacques-Charrier was an adult, Brigitte attempted to mend their connection, but the son was uninterested in talking about it.

Nicolas attended the University of Paris to study economics. Brigitte Bardot son became proficient at the piano and wrote songs since he had a passion for music.

Furthermore, Nicholas became a model at the age of 22. In one of the shows, he met model Anne-Line Bjerkan, a diplomat’s daughter.

Brigitte Bardot age
Brigitte Bardot son was a former model. (Source: Demotix)

Jacques and Anne dated for a while and later tied the marital knot in their 1984 wedding. After a few months, the delighted couple relocated to Oslo to have their first baby.

Brigitte wasn’t even introduced to her granddaughter because she was still unwelcome in Nicolas’s family. Nicolas welcomed her second daughter in 1990.

Two years later, Brigitte travels to Norway intending to become close to his kid, but all they manage is a chilly truce.

Nicolas has been working in programming for several years and has long since quit modeling. He has been a grandfather for a very long time.

Reporters questioned Nicolas about his relationship with his mother, to which he replied, “She loves her fur coats, and I love my family.”

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