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Nicolas Malvagna Arrest And Charge: Accused Of Throwing Cell Phone To Bebe Rexha

People want to know about Nicolas Malvagna arrest news. After the singer was hurt on stage, a man who struck Bebe Rexha in the face with a phone was apprehended.

Another concertgoer tweeted a picture of the incident that was recorded on camera. Fans could be seen in the video directing security to the person who hurled the phone.

Then, as Bebe Rexha received assistance from the backstage team, he was lifted out of the crowd and over the barrier.

The singer “had to get three stitches” after being struck in the head by the phone, according to the Twitter account Pop Base.

Fans of Bebe Rexha expressed their support for the singer on social media, with one writing on Twitter: “Poor girl, the person needs to go to jail for this.”

“Why would they do this to Bebe Rexha of all people?” another person remarked. In contrast, a third person only added, “Disrespectful.” Read on to learn more about Nicolas Malvagna Arrest And Charge.

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Nicolas Malvagna Arrest And Charge

According to the New York Police Department, New Jersey resident Nicolas Malvagna, 27, was detained and charged with assault in relation to the incident.

According to the police, EMS transported Rexha to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

On June 19, Rexha shared an update on TikTok, including a video of her with bandages covering her eyebrow and a wounded eye.

Nicolas Malvagna Arrest
Nicolas Malvagna Arrested for throwing phone to Bebe Rexha. (Source: Global News)

She references the lyrics of “I’m Good (Blue),” the song she remixed with David Guetta, by singing, “I’m good, yeah I’m feeling all right,” in the video.

According to fans who filmed footage of Rexha being hauled off stage and wrote angry notes on social media, the event, which took place at Pier 17 in New York City on June 18, was cut short early.

Nicolas Malvagna Is Accused Of Throwing Cell Phone To Bebe Rexha

Over the weekend in New York City, pop sensation Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a cellphone that flew from the audience onto the stage, resulting in the arrest of one man.

Rexha can be seen in the video covering her face with her hands in a state of astonishment before tumbling to her knees as technicians enter the stage from behind her.

A Twitter user who posted the video online stated, “Absolutely great show ruined by a fan throwing their phone at @BebeRexha hopefully she is ok after that.”

Nicolas Malvagna Arrest
Bebe is well now, and the offender is arrested by cops. (Source: Instagram)

The 33-year-old Rexha was struck in the face by the phone as seen in concert-goers’ video footage.

Her crew colleagues rushed onstage to assist as she turned away from the audience and fell to her knees in agony.

The Grammy candidate, whose real name is Bleta Rexha, got on-site medical help, and the performance was abruptly cut short.

After that, she was taken to a hospital, where she apparently received numerous stitches.

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