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Nikos Kontostathis, 50, Fake Doctor Sentenced To Life For The Death Of 7 People

Nikos Kontostathis, a fake doctor in Greece, has been given life sentences for causing the death of as many as seven people.

The man who posed as a Cancer specialist to convince terminal patients to take his “alternative remedies” has been found guilty of several crimes, including murders, attempted murders, and peddling unlicensed drugs to minors.

Altogether, the 50-year-old is given the most extensive sentence ever recorded in the European country. 

Kontostathis posed to be a doctor, government representative, and other personas for decades to make easy fortunes.

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Nikos Kontostathis, Fake Doctor Sentenced To Life For The Death Of 7 People

Nikos Konthostathis, a Greek man who pretended to be a doctor, was given eight life sentences and another 50 years.

It marks one of the heaviest sentences ever delivered by a court in Greece.

The punishment for causing the death of seven people was finalized on November 17 (Thursday). He was charged with seven homicides, six attempted homicides, and unlawful distribution of narcotics, primarily to underage people.

Kontostathis posed as a distinguished oncologist known as “Dr. Kontos.” He had built a reputation through word of mouth among the monastery faithful as a doctor who had healed severe diseases.

Nikos Kontostathis fake doctor life sentence
Fake Doctor in Greece was sentenced to life for causing the death of seven people. (Source: Greek Reporter)

Court held him directly responsible for over half a dozen of deaths. He had acted as a doctor, along with several other personas, for a decade to make a financial gain.

In addition to living his remaining life in jail, he will need to pay a fine of 327,000 euros (over $33,000).

However, Kontostathis was also acquitted of five counts of murder and eight attempted murders. There were 16 other defendants on trial with him, and they were given a verdict of not guilty.

His co-defendants, accused of having contributed to his criminal behavior, include doctors, a nun, and a former minister. 

“What really shocked the bench was that his actions were against vulnerable people, the people who were suffering,” the case prosecutor was quoted saying by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

After arresting the group in 2020, the trial began in November 2021 and now seems to have to a conclusive end.

The Fake Doctor Made Promises Of Miracle Cures to His Victims

Nikos Konthostathis, the infamous fake doctor, was arrested in 2020 after officials spent over two months trying to track him down.

Claiming to be a doctor and researcher specializing in pediatric surgery and oncology, he is believed to have cheated at least 45 patients and their families with false promises and fake cures.

The perpetrator allegedly promised the victims a miracle cure based on specific, unsafe substances procured over the internet, furthering them as “alternative treatment.”

Greek fake doctor
The Greek quack Cancer doctor was arrested back in 2020. (Source: The National Herald)

The Hellenic Police stated that the family of one of the patient boys paid around 15,000 euros ($16,900) to receive what he claimed to be the cure for their son’s Cancer.

Another patient also came forward, saying they paid up to 30,000 euros ($33,700) hoping to get cured of their illness after being deceived about the man’s identity.

Additionally, Kontostathis is being investigated concerning a 50 million euro ($56.2 million) business scam that occurred in 2005.

He allegedly posed as a U.S. government representative and convinced brokers to trade telecom systems to several countries.

Such practices are not unheard of in Greece. In 2018, the authorities discovered another fake doctor who had posed and served as a general practitioner in a northern Greek hospital for more than 17 years.

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