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No, Tieghan Gerard Does Not Have Anorexia, Eating Disorder And Health Update

Many people wonder if Tieghan Gerard has Anorexia, an Eating Disorder. No, she does not have. 

Gerard is a food stylist, recipe developer, and author of the New York Times bestselling Half Baked Harvest Cookbook and Half Baked Harvest Super Simple. 

Similarly, Half Baked Harvest, her site, offers a rich selection of savory, sweet, healthful, and decadent dishes. 

Her Half Baked Harvest was named Readers’ Choice Favorite Food Blog by Better Homes and Gardens in both 2014 and 2016.

It also won the 2016 Bloglovin’ Best Food Blog Award and the Saveur Magazine 2016 Award for Most Inspiring Weeknight Dinners.

Not to mention, she started a blog in 2012. It has been highlighted on numerous websites and television networks.

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Does Tieghan Gerard Have Anorexia, Eating Disorder? Health Update

No, Tieghan does not have an Anorexia eating disorder. She is healthy and fine.

But back three years ago, there was a rumor that Gerard had an eating disorder and was resisting treatment, according to Reddit.

Additionally, it asks whether anyone would be willing to assist her with the current problems.

Tieghan Gerard Anorexia
No, Tieghan does not have an Anorexia eating disorder (Source: thekitchn)

However, she has not yet disclosed her health issues, which is reasonable given the negative attention on social media.

Tieghan prepares items high in calories and frequently covered in cream and butter sauces.

But she rarely tries them in front of the camera, and when she does, she is never seen swallowing.

People find it fascinating that while some people with eating disorders have an intense obsession with food, others strongly dislike it.

Many people wonder if she has an eating disorder in light of this. She does not, however, have an eating disorder.

Tieghan Gerard Family Life

Tieghan Gerard comes from a large family of ten, and large families call for large dinners.

She said she started helping in the kitchen to help control some of our mealtime craziness and get dinner on the table at a decent time.

After then, Gerard quickly discovered how much she loved it, and before she knew it, she was in charge of preparing all of our meals. 

Tieghan Gerard Anorexia
Tieghan Gerard with her brother Red Gerard (Source: Foodandwine)

On the other hand, Half Baked Harvest was created as a result of the process she recorded in photographs and excellent recipes.

As previously mentioned, she hails from a big family, as was already indicated. She has six siblings. 

Her siblings have successful careers of their own. Redmond is a snowboarder, Malachi is a video producer, Creighton is a snowboarder, her other brother is a filmmaker, and she has only one sister. 

As revealed in the romper, even though she is somewhat busy with her job, she made sure to attend when her younger brother won an Olympic gold medal.

Afterward, she said to Yahoo! Sports, “My brother is just Red. He is amazing. And nothing will ever change as a result.

Inside Tieghan Gerard’s Career

Tieghan spent 14 years of her life in Cleveland, Ohio, until her family relocated to Colorado’s extremely snowy mountains.

She currently resides in a unique home that she was able to create specifically for her lifestyle out of a converted horse barn.

Tieghan Gerard Anorexia
Tieghan spent 14 years of her life in Cleveland, Ohio (Source: Fornobravo)

Gerard spent her days experimenting with new recipes, shooting her creations, feeding her family, and generally making a big mess where she photographed her first cookbook.

Not to mention, her goal is to give others a passion for eating and the confidence to try new things.

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