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Oceangate: Was David Lochridge Fired? Where Is The Engineer?

Find the truth: Was David Lochridge fired? Get the latest updates and news on David Lochridge’s status. 

David Lochridge is an individual who was involved in a legal dispute with his employer, OceanGate, regarding the safety concerns of the submersible named Titan.

Lochridge, an engineer and submarine pilot, claimed to have been wrongfully terminated by OceanGate after raising concerns about the design and testing of the submersible’s hull.

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Oceangate: Was David Lochridge Fired?

According to legal documents and reports, Lochridge alleged that OceanGate indeed fired him after raising concerns about the quality control and testing of the experimental submersible Titan.

Lochridge claimed that he was hired by OceanGate in 2015 to ensure the crew’s safety during submersible and surface operations of the Titan.

However, when he expressed concerns about the design and testing of the submersible’s hull, he alleged that the company terminated him.

On January 19, 2018, the day after Lochridge filed his report, he was called to a meeting with company executives at OceanGate.

David Lochridge Fired
David Lochridge was terminated from his position. (Image Source: ABC7)

In his lawsuit, Lochridge accused OceanGate of deviating from the original plan to conduct non-destructive and unmanned pressure testing on the Titan.

He disagreed with the company’s decision to perform dives without proper non-destructive testing to prove the hull’s integrity.

Lochridge believed this could subject passengers to extreme danger in an experimental submersible.

OceanGate initially filed a lawsuit against David Lochridge, accusing him of breaching his contract, engaging in fraudulent activities, and misappropriating trade secrets.

Lochridge denied these allegations, setting the stage for a legal dispute between him and the company.

In November 2018, Lochridge and OceanGate reached a settlement agreement to resolve their legal dispute.

The terms and conditions of the settlement were kept a secret, leaving the public unaware of the specific outcomes and resolutions agreed upon by the parties involved.

The settlement indicates that Lochridge and OceanGate found a resolution outside the courtroom, avoiding a protracted legal battle.

It should be noted that the connection between Lochridge’s concerns and the recent disappearance of the Titan during a dive into the Titanic wreckage remains unclear.

The reasons behind the submersible going missing have not been determined, and it is unknown if Lochridge’s raised concerns played a role.

Where Is The Engineer David Lochridge?

The current location of David Lochridge, the engineer and former employee of OceanGate, is private.

After his termination from OceanGate in 2018, more information about his whereabouts or professional endeavors must be provided.

Following his dismissal, Lochridge filed a countersuit against OceanGate, alleging wrongful termination for raising concerns about the safety and testing of the Titan submersible.

The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court in November 2018, but no details about Lochridge’s subsequent activities have been disclosed.

David Lochridge Fired
David Lochridge, OceanGate’s director of marine operations, diving in Cyclops1 in 2017. (Image Source: New York Post)

It is important to note that individuals’ personal information, including their current whereabouts, is subject to privacy and confidentiality rights.

Therefore, such information may only be readily available if Lochridge reveals his current location or engages in public activities.

Given Lochridge’s lack of recent updates or public statements, it is reasonable to assume that he has chosen to maintain a private profile.

As a result, the general public and media outlets may need access to specific information regarding his current location or professional endeavors.

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