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Octopus Murders Wikipedia: American Conspiracy True Story Explained!

Wikipedia about the controversial 1991 investigative journalist story gained increased attention following the release of Netflix’s latest docu-series, American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders. 

The Netflix documentary series tries to find out what happened to Danny Casolaro and the complex conspiracy around him.

Danny Casolaro, a freelance journalist from Virginia, actively investigated a massive story.

However, in 1991, authorities found Danny Casolaro dead in his hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

During that time, he was working on a wide-reaching government conspiracy.

He believed he had uncovered a much larger story and eventually named it The Octopus, intending to write a book with the same title.

Moreover, the four-part docuseries on Netflix also investigates The Octopus conspiracy and the strange events surrounding Danny’s death.

As a result, people gained the curiosity to gain insight into the story and have been searching Wikipedia for the Octopus Murders. 

Octopus Murders Wikipedia: Who Was Danny Casolaro?

The Octopus also known as The INSLAW is one of the trending topic internet these days.

People have been searching for Wikipedia about Octopus Murders to learn the story. 

However, to date, there is no Wikipedia page featuring Octopus Murders. The Octopus Murders examines the mystery behind the death of Danny Casolaro. 

Joseph Daniel Casolaro Jr. was an investigative journalist.

He was born on June 15, 1947, in McLean, Va, and he was the eldest child among his seven siblings. 

Octopus Murders case shaped by lines
Danny believed that eight individuals were involved in the plot, along with several arms linked to the unclear case. (Source: Twitter)

Initially, he worked for the Computer Age and gave over ten years in this field.

It was a trade publication that recorded and catalogued the ins and outs of the software and the computer industry. 

Likewise, his interest was piqued by the INSLAW case, leading him to delve into an investigation for the first time. Further, he dug deeper into the case. 

Later, as he discovered that the conspiracy involved a group of eight men, he termed the conspiracy as The Octopus.

Danny became determined to uncover the whole truth. 

Moreover, Danny spent over a year investigating The Octopus case. In July 1991, he told many family members and friends that he was close to a big discovery.

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The Octopus Conspiracy: What is The Octopus Murders All About?

Danny Casolaro was looking into something called The Octopus Conspiracy.

His research also delved into government corruption and many unresolved cases.

The INSLAW case involved a software company accusing the US government of stealing its product called PROMIS, created in the early 1980s.

Danny Casolaro was first asked to help settle the dispute between the Department of Justice and INSLAW.

Some claimed that the program was used to create problems in international relations.

Michel speaking in front of blue background
Michael Riconosciuto was one of the key players in the Octopus Conspiracy. (Source: PEOPLE)

While some believed that it served as a simple management tool sold to both US friends and enemies, others suspected that it contained a ‘back door’ for the US to spy on them.

Likewise, Danny investigated the case and found Michael Riconosciuto, who claimed he installed a secret feature in the program.

Michael’s tales intrigued Danny, prompting him to investigate the theory of the “October Surprise.”

This theory suggests Ronald Reagan and his allies convinced Iran to hold onto hostages until after the 1980 election to aid Ronald Reagan’s victory.

But the stories were only the start.

Danny and Michael thought that a powerful group of eight leaders, known as the Octopus, controlled the world using illegal methods.

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What Happened To Danny Casolaro?

In 1991, authorities found Danny Casolaro dead in his hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

He had cut his wrists, and authorities determined it was suicide.

However, Danny’s family believed someone murdered him because he was investigating the octopus murders.

Before going to Martinsburg, Danny told his brother about receiving threatening calls.

He feared someone might attack or harm him, and if anything happened, it wouldn’t be accidental but planned.

Danny side profile smiling
Those closest to Danny did not believe that he died by suicide. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, his family disputed the official suicide ruling, suspecting murders due to his investigation into The Octopus.

Moreover, they found it suspicious that none of Danny’s papers were found in his hotel room or car, as he always carried them.

Similarly, the embalming of his body and the cleaning of his hotel room before they were informed heightened suspicions further.

They firmly believed that Danny wouldn’t have taken his own life.

Focusing on this story, Netflix has released a new documentary series called American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders and now people are searching for its Wikipedia page.

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