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OJ Simpson Net Worth : Career & Lifestyle

The notoriously adaptable OJ Simpson known typically as a football running back, a broadcaster, an actor, and mostly a felon, has an astounding net worth of $3 Million!

The man, once primarily recognized as “The Juicer,” came into fame through football and his extraordinary performances.

OJ Simpson
OJ Simpson

He was on the teams “Buffalo Bills” and “San Francisco 49ers”. So much so that he was actually an MVP and a Hall of Famer of the sport.

However, that fame is a thing of the past.

At present, he’s most commonly known for ties with the murders of his former wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman in 1994.

He was arrested, charged, and then after a long internationally publicized trial, was liberated in time.

However, soon after, a case was filed against him by the families of the victim.

For this accusation, in 1997, the civil court imposed a $33.5 Million fine to O.J. Simpson, which he has still mostly managed to avoid.

Down the line, in 2007, he was again charged for armed robbery and kidnapping!

For this, he was found guilty and then sentenced to 33 years of imprisonment.

He served for 9 years at the Lovelock Correctional Center stationed in Nevada, US.

In July 2017, he was granted parole, and a couple of months later, in October 2017, he was finally released.

Quick Facts

Before we get to the specifics, here are some of the bits that O.J. Simpson is usually known for,

Full Name Orenthal James Simpson
Net Worth $ 3 Million
Birth Date July 9, 1947
Birth Place San Francisco, California
Nick Name The Juice
Nationality                          American
Ethnicity African-American
Languages Spoken English
Education High School (Galileo High School), City College of San Francisco, University of  Southern California
Father’s Name Jimmy Lee Simpson
Mother’s Name Eunice Simpson (Durden)
Siblings 1 Brother (Melvin Leon “Truman” Simpson, 1 living Sister (Shirley Simpson-Baker), and 1 deceased Sister (Carmelita Simpson-Durio)
Childrens 3 Children from first marriage (Arnelle L.Simpson, Jason Lamar Simpson, and Late Aaren Lashone Simpson)

2 Children from Second marriage (Sydney Brooke Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson)

Age 76
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 96 kg (212 lb)
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse’s Name Late Marguerite L. Whitley, Nicole Brown
Profession Retired Professional NFL Player, Broadcaster, Actor, Advertising Spokesman, Criminal
Career History Buffalo Bills (1969 – 1978)

San Francisco 49ers (1979 – 1982)

Endorsements Chevrolet, ABC, Hertz, Pioneer Chicken, Honey Baked Ham, Calistoga Water Company, Dingo Cowboy Boots, President and CEO of O.J. Simspons Enterprises
Social Media Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

OJ Simpson: Net Worth and Income

Leftover after his trials and fines, OJ Simpson still has a pretty decent accumulation of $3 Million.

But, at the moment, the only source of his income is the pension that he receives from the NFL.

OJ Simpson was once the most appreciated public figure in the US.

Of course, being a person of that stature at that time, he had a pretty decent earning.

His signing, the one with Buffalo Bills, got him a massive sum of $650,000 per year, spread over 5 years, the largest contract in professional sports for that time.

After NFL, he moved on to acting and commercial plays.

His memorable roles in “The Naked Gun,” “The Klansman,” and in the miniseries “Roots” got him a pretty hefty amount.

Not to mention, those commercials for Hertz car rental were a hit with the audiences, and he played it for a decent amount of time.

In 1994, at the very peak of this career, his estimated net worth was $11 Million.

Soon after, the legal fees and debts to the murder victim’s families took a huge hit to his finances.

At the moment, he still owes a huge debt to the Goldman family.

Fortunately for him, the pension that he receives from the NFL is guarded by national laws and can’t be forwarded to the victim’s families.

This is the primary reason why he still has a decent amount stored in his bank balance.

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OJ Simpson: Houses & Cars


The place that once resembled OJ Simpson’s luxurious home amounting to $650k was located in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

At present, the only thing that remains of this secluded mansion is the memories.

After the court ordered him to pay the $33.5 Million to the Goldman and Brown families, he was forced to sell this house, and it’s gone with the wind.

A huge portion of his life was spent in a prison cell while he resided in the detention center.

Following his release, though, OJ Simpson landed a $1.8 Million mansion, covering 5000 square-foot stationed in the hustling and bustling city of Las Vegas.

OJ Simpson’s Luxurious Las Vegas Villa (Source: sportsretriever.com)

Fully equipped with five bedrooms, a pool, a decent community, and a patch of green for his golf practices, this place isn’t that bad for a convicted felon.

Furthermore, OJ once even owned another house up in Kendall, Southern Florida.

He doesn’t live there anymore, but this place is also pretty neat.


OJ Simpson was quite a fanatic of cars back in the day.

He used to have quite a collection that most enthusiasts really envied!

The Ferrari Testarossa and Bentley Mulsanne were among his most prized possessions.

Of course, let’s not forget his notorious white Bronco that has a huge historical significance.

Once he was charged with the murder, he was supposed to turn in. But instead, he led a cavalry of police on a wild chase on the bronco that got the entire nation riled up!

Eventually, the cops caught him, and he was arrested. This Bronco was put away for a long time; however, it emerged back in 2017.

It was put up for sale by his agent, Mike Gilbert. And, since the car held such high prestige, it actually got sold at a whopping price of $700,000!

At the moment, his arsenal of cars isn’t that fancy, though.

In 2018, he was seen in a black convertible Bentley Continental, amounting to around $220k when he was out for a session of golf.

He was also seen recently in a Mercedes SUV, which highlights that he still loves descent cars.

OJ Simpson: Lifestyle & Vacations


OJ Simpson has gone through several Ups and Downs. But, his past does not quite stop him from living his retired life to the fullest.

In his retirement home stationed in Las Vegas, OJ, he spends what time he has chilling around.

He still provides sports commentaries, holds occasional autograph sessions.

And he’s even gone big in social media! He’s mostly engaged in Twitter, and it’s here that he spends his time commenting on sports.

Also, he likes to spend some of his time playing golf.

Even though he does not have that freedom he used to have, he still has managed to find a way to get around. He even gets to visit his kids but within reasonable bounds.


Back in the days, OJ Simpson was on good terms with the Kardashian family.

So, one of his memorable vacations was from when the two families got together in 1994.

They’d gone up to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they spent quality time being together before things went downhill.

OJ Simpson: Movies & Shows, Endorsements

Movies & Shows

OJ Simpson had built up quite an impression on the big screens even while he was playing football.

During the NFL phase, he’d already landed parts on some exceptional storylines.

His role on the plots of Roots, The Klansman, The Towering Inferno were a sensational hit amongst the audience.

The Hertz Car Rental Commercials took huge advantage of Simpson’s acting career, which was also a prominent role and a major part of his total income.

Further down the line, as his career progressed, he was at one point even considered to play the lead role in the Terminator!

However, the writer thought it wasn’t exactly a good idea and let it slip away.

He was also the second athlete ever to host Saturday Night Live.

Right before the murder case, he was admittedly working on the movie titled “Frogman.”

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OJ Simpson has had his hands full with several endorsements. In the earlier stages of his career, he formed relationships with Chevrolet and ABC, which cycled a lot of money back.

Of course, his charms and his persona attracted a huge audience through the hertz commercials.

Campaigns involving him actually raised the annual profits by a lot. The first year alone saw a rise in annual profits by 50%!

Over the years, this endorsement became really strong, and it lasted for a very long time.

Further down the line, he partnered up with Pioneer Chicken, Honey Baked Ham, Calistoga Water Company, and Dingo Cowboy boots.

He was also the CEO and president of O.J. Simpson Enterprises and owned many hotels and restaurants.

In 1992, when OJ got divorced, his cumulative property was worth $10 million, with an annual income as high as $1 million.

Out of which, $500,000 was from the hertz endorsement alone!

OJ Simpson: Career

OJ Simpson was a fantastic athlete, even a legend in some respect within the NFL.

In 1969, he was initially drafted as the number one pick by Buffalo Bills.

This was the biggest contract signing in the history of the NFL then.

He took $650,000/year, equivalent to around $4.5 Million today, for 5 years!

His starting years were a tad bit slow; however, in 1972, he’d finally struck gold. For the very first time, he rushed over 1,000 yards.

And a year later, he became the first NFL player to rush over 2,000 yards in a single season.

Two years hence, he broke the title again, rushing 1,817 yards and scoring 16 touchdowns.

He took a year’s gap and then was traded to San Francisco 49ers before the 1978 season.

After 2 seasons, he officially retired and then was inducted into the hall of fame in 1985.

Then, he moved forth with his acting career and relied on his numerous endorsements, which went really well.

3 Facts About OJ Simpson

  • Simpson belonged to a street gang named “The Persian Kings.”
  • Apparently, he even dwelled in the realms of rap music with his song, “Get Juiced.”
  • O.J. Simpson received extensive knife training while filming for the show “Frogman.”


Why was OJ Simpson Called “The Juice”?

Well, the primary reason for this nickname was the fact that he was really energetic.

Besides that, his initials are a common form of abbreviation for “Orange Juice.”

What is OJ Simpson Doing Nowadays?

In July 2017, after serving 9 years at the Lovelock correctional center, O.J. Simpson was granted parole and subsequently released on October 1, 2017.

So at the moment, he’s a free bird and is enjoying the rest of his life in New Jersey.



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