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Is Olga Carmona Pregnant 2023? Weight Gain And Baby Bump Rumours

Is Olga Carmona Pregnant? Football fans have been asking many questions about the professional footballer’s life. Here are more details.

Olga Carmona is a professional football player from Spain who plays as a left-back for Liga F club Real Madrid. In addition to that, she is also a national player representing the national team of Spain.

Further, Carmona has been professionally playing since 2017, and her career began with the Sevilla team. Before that, she played for Sevilla Este in her youth career.

Since 2020, Olga has been a prominent player in the Real Madrid team. Apart from that, Carmona is currently making headlines on the internet as she scored the only goal as Spain beat England to claim the Women’s World Cup 2023 trophy.

Is Olga Carmona Pregnant in 2023?

No, Olga Carmona is not pregnant in 2023. There is no confirmed news of Carmona expecting a child. The news of her pregnancy came into the media without any facts.

Likewise, many people searched for the details. Meanwhile, Carmona may have been the victim of the fake rumors regarding her personal life that came into the limelight instantly.

Olga Carmona Pregnant
Olga Carmona is not pregnant, but the rumors confused many of her followers. (Source: Instagram)

Despite all the rumors, the media sources have not given any info yet. For your information, Carmona does not have a boyfriend or a husband.

Due to that, it can be confirmed that the rumors of Olga’s pregnancy are fake. In addition, Carmona has not opened up her mouth regarding the gossip about her personal life, which has remained in the media for quite a while now.

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Olga Carmona Baby Bump Rumors Explained

Olga Carmona baby bump rumors are making rounds on the web, just like the news of her pregnancy. It has already been confirmed that Carmona is not pregnant.

In the same way, the topic of Carmona’s baby bump may have come into the limelight without any truth, just like her pregnancy matter.

Olga Carmona Baby Bump
Olga Carmona baby bump rumors are fake and came into the media without truth. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Carmona can be followed on Instagram under the username @olgacarmona7. From her Instagram handle, Carmona shares images of her daily lifestyle and events.

It is speculated that online users started making assumptions about Carmona’s baby bump after exploring some of her photos online.

Olga Carmona Weight Gain News

Like the topic of Olga Carmona’s pregnancy and baby bump, other rumors of her weight gain have been raised on the web. Going through some of Carmona’s Instagram posts, it seems like she has gained some weight.

However, the verified media sources have not covered Carmona’s weight gain details. Likewise, Carmona has not said a single word about the weight gain rumors.

Apart from that, the professional football player must maintain her diet and is also engaged in fitness. Also, Carmona does regular workouts and training.

Olga Carmona Weight Gain
Olga Carmona has not gained weight as she has maintained her diet and does regular workouts. (Source: Instagram)

Due to her hard work and dedication, Olga has maintained her health and physique. Carmona shares photos and videos of her regular football training session from her Instagram account. 

Moreover, it can be said that Carmona has not gained much weight, but the rumors came into the media prominence after her followers made various assumptions. 

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