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Who Is Olivia Swann? Parents And Family Nationality, Ethnicity

Known for acting skills in the entertainment world, Olivia Swann is famous for her roles in the movies River Wild and NCIS: Sydney. Since 2016, her work has made people dig in about her family and now the parents of Olivia Swann. 

The actress was born on September 19, 1992, in Olivia, England, the United Kingdom, and is of British citizen.

Born and raised in her homeland, she finished her graduation from East Fifteen Acting School in 2018.

The popular TV star made her first step toward her profession to be an actress in 2016. 

Her debut movie was DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where she played her role as Astra Logue.

This was only the start of her career, she then got a chance to be on two movies in 2023 that have gained popularity.

Her growing popularity has made people curious to know about the parents of Olivia Swann.

Who Are The Parents Of Olivia Swann? Family

The thirty-one-year-old actress Olivia has kept details about her parents private, leaving their information undisclosed.

Meanwhile, her choice to maintain this secrecy remains unclear.

On the other hand, she consistently acknowledges and values her brother, Matthew Laurence, on social media.

Matthew, introduced on March 19, recently celebrated his marriage to Megan Mansworth, a significant event Olivia shared with her followers.

Despite the discretion surrounding her family, Olivia openly celebrates the joys of her brother’s life on social platforms.

Olivia Swann and her brother Matthew Laurence having brother and sister moment.
Olivia Swann with her brother Matthew Laurence on his wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

Olivia Swann, the rising star, remains notably private about her family, with no available information on her parents.

Despite the secrecy surrounding her personal life, Olivia Swann is set to make a significant mark in the upcoming NCIS: Sydney TV series.

Scheduled for release in the upcoming month, the show revolves around a collaborative effort between NCIS and Australian Federal Police agents.

Olivia’s portrayal of Michelle Mackey adds to the anticipation surrounding the series.

Viewers eagerly await her performance in this joint task force narrative as fans look forward to more projects featuring Olivia.

Even though much of Olivia Swann hasn’t been disclosed about her parents, netizens want to know about her social media life.

Further, they are searching for previous works of Olivia Swann.

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A Peek At Olivia Swann’s Career And Social Media

Besides acting, Olivia also has a passion for fashion and designing her clothes. 

On her Instagram handle, with over 57k flowers, she shared her professional achievements.

It is quite appealing that the rising actress is only active on Instagram. She is not active on other social media handles. 

She is a multitalented actress who is also a social media influencer and a role model for struggling women in the industry.

Olivia Swann playing the role as Michelle Mackey.
Olivia Swann plays the role of Michelle Mackey in NCIS: Sydney TV series. (Source: Instagram)

Her popularity gained an uprising move when she joined NCIS: Sydney. 

At first, Olivia made numerous appearances in the film industry, including Doctors, DC’ Legend of Tomorrow, Together Alone, and The River Wild

Living her lavish life, she seems to be more focused on her career.

So, the information about Olivia’s boyfriend or future husband is still on low profile.

However, her net worth is estimated to be around $200 thousand. Her wealth might increase in the future because of her hard work and dedication. 

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