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Rocks D Xebec Debuts? One Piece 1096 Spoilers And Early Leaks

After ending the previous chapter with a shocking flashback, One Piece takes a break this week, but fans still search for chapter 1096 spoilers and leaks.

One Piece has revealed big details in the story for a few chapters, adding depth to the plot.

The manga has reached a new point with flashbacks related to the ancient place.

Further, the readers also learned about Kuma’s lineage and upbringing inside and outside the God Valley.

With the introduction of characters like Ginny, fans created their theories about the story. Her appearance also sheds light on the slavery on the island of the Celestial Dragons.

Now, readers could not help but be curious about the One Piece chapter 1096 spoilers circulating online.

[SPOILERS] Recap One Piece Chapter 1095: God Valley Flashback

Before delving into chapter 1096 spoilers, look at the latest One Piece chapter.

Chapter 1095 begins with Bonney stabbing one of the five elders, Saint Saturn, after his appearance on the island.

He pulls the sword out of his body, causing his wound to disappear.

Further, Saturn attacks Bonney and Sanji with an aura emitted from his eyes, hurting both.

As the story progresses, a brief flashback plays out where Kuma tells young Bonney about Nika.

Moreover, he mimics the drums of liberation as they dance together to the beat.

Saturn gets stabbed in spoilers
Saturn, attacked by Bonney, used his aura to hurt others. (Source: Reddit)

In the present, Saturn reveals that Kuma is part of the Buccaneer race who possess the blood of giants.

The chapter then starts a new flashback to 47 years ago in the Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma was born.

Further, readers learn about Kuma’s family being enslaved in Mariejois by the Celestial Dragons.

As Kuma’s father reveals that Nika is part of Buccaneer folklore, big plot details follow.

However, his father is shot to death, and the story cuts to God Valley 38 years ago.

There, the enslaved people are hunted for sport, and the young Garling Figarlad is reintroduced in the story.

The chapter ends as Kuma meets young Ivankov and Ginny, leaving readers curious for the next release.

Rocks D Xebec Debuts? One Piece 1096 Spoilers And Early Leaks, Reddit

The last chapter’s ending seems like the best opportunity for the author to continue Kuma’s story.

Chapter 1096 of One Piece will potentially discuss Kuma’s friendship with Ivankov and Ginny.

The two characters will be incredibly important in the flashback’s events.

Also, this could be the time for Kuma to express his feelings, dreams, wants, and emotions.

Saint Garling in chapter 1096
Saint Garling hunts slaves in God Valley. (Source: Reddit)

Likewise, Kuma and his new friends will likely escape together to a safer place within the valley in chapter 1096 spoilers.

Further, the chapter might lay the foundation for the Freedom Fighters, which Dragon later founded.

It is also possible for Dragon to show himself on the island to join forces with Kuma, Ivankov, and Ginny.

From here, the chapter will likely shift to Celestial Dragons and the Human Hunt, with the most focus on Saint Garling.

Moreover, the games will give the slaves a chance to regroup and resist the elite’s power.

Rocks D. Xebec in spoilers
Rocks Pirates might make an appearance in the following release of the manga. (Source: Reddit)

Many on the internet have speculated that the new chapter could focus on Rock Pirates.

Further, readers also expect the debut of Rocks D. Xebec in the spoilers of chapter 1096.

He was a prominent figure on the sea 40 years ago before Pirate King Gol D. Roger came into power.

The involvement of the infamous pirate crew could answer questions related to the God Valley incident.

Moreover, Roger Pirates and Monkey D. Garp will eventually get involved in the hunting games on the island.

Nonetheless, all these spoilers and theory for chapter 1096 has convinced fans that the next release will be exciting.

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