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Cure For Bonney! One Piece Chapter 1099 Spoilers, Leaks, Scans

With recurring breaks in the chapters, fans cannot wait for the newer release of One Piece as they search online for spoilers and leaks of the latest chapter, 1099.

The story of One Piece has reached a turning point as the flashbacks reveal significant details about characters like Kuma.

Following the events on Egghead Island, the narrative took readers back to God Valley and later to Sorbet Kingdom.

Further, One Piece does an excellent job delving into many unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, the backstory of Kuma has left many sympathizing with the character.

As new trouble arises in the series, readers look for spoilers and leaks of chapter 1099 of One Piece.

The Birth Of Bonney: One Piece Chapter 1098 Recap

In the previous chapter, we learn about major details of the story, like the birth of Bonney.

Further, the story takes place two years after the celestial dragons kidnapped Ginny.

She was taken way to be the wife of royal blood, whereas Kuma worked in the Revolutionary Army.

One Piece chapter 1099 shows Kuma's backstory
Kuma wanted to create a safe future for Bonney. (Source: Twitter)

However, Ginny contacts the army during her final moments to say goodbye.

Moreover, Ginny also confesses her romantic relationship with Kuma that she had since childhood.

Kuma rushes to reach Ginny but finds her dead body riddled with a strange disease.

Likewise, she holds a baby in her arms, which turns out to be Bonney.

As the chapter progresses, Kuma takes care of the child as his own while working for the people.

However, Bonney has a similar disease as her mother and develops a blue stone under her eyes.

After discovering the disease, Kuma decides to quit the Revolutionary Army to stay by Bonney.

Chapter 1099 shows relationship between Kuma and Bonney
Kuma sets out to find the cure for the disease. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Bonney grows up to be an intelligent child with many aspirations for adventure in the sea.

Later, doctors reveal that Bonney has a Sapphire Scale, which is incurable and affects her lifespan.

The stones multiply when bathed in natural light like the sun or moon.

Further, Kuma was devastated to discover that Bonney would only live up to her 10th birthday.

Amidst such a personal problem, Kuma is forced to save the people of Sorbet Kingdom from King Becori.

The chapter ends with the ruler creating destruction, making fans invested in spoilers of One Piece chapter 1099.

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Cure For Bonney! One Piece Chapter 1099 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans Reddit

As the disease of Bonny was explained, many expect the cure for it in One Piece chapter 1099 spoilers.

Moreover, the spoilers for 1099 suggest that Kuma defeats the evil king and earns his nickname “Tyrant.”

Likewise, readers expect Kuma and Bonney to find the cure for the Sapphire Scale.

Bonney in new chapter spoilers
Bonney can manipulate her age. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, during the journey, Kuma might encounter Dr. Vegapunk, who could help him.

Further, the leaks and spoilers of chapter 1099 can explore the devil’s fruit of Bonney.

Currently, Bonney has the Toshi Toshi no Mi, which allows her to manipulate the aging process of anything, including herself.

Additionally, popular fan theories suggest that Bonney had reversed her age back to when she had not contracted the disease.

The fact that Bonney does not currently have scales on her face backs up the theory.

Instead, she has an anti-eyebrow below her eye, where the Sapphire Scale used to be.

Despite it being a solid possibility, other readers think Kuma took her disease into himself with his powers.

Bonney in newer chapters of One Piece
Despite her looks, Bonney is only 12 years old. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, it could be why he gave up his body to Vegapunk to turn into a Pascifista.

In addition, Vegapunk turned him into a cyborg to withstand the severe pain from the incurable disease.

As readers wait for the raw manga scans, they suggest several possibilities.

Now, One Piece is set to return from its break on November 27, 2023, at midnight JST.

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