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Zoro Vs Lucci Rages! One Piece Chapter 1108 Leaks, Spoilers

One Piece prepares to leave readers speechless with chapter 1108 as the stage for a fierce battle has been set. What’s in store for the thrilling plot? Find out about spoilers and leaks here!

Entering its final saga, One Piece continues to build up the hype as Luffy and his crew proceeded to Egghead Island.

The plot showcases how Luffy becomes one of the emperors of the sea, making his group one of the most wanted around the world.

Further, trouble awaits them on the island as new revelations and characters come to light.

As the arc progressed, Luffy crossed paths with Saturn and indulged in a fierce battle.

However, things don’t end there as the island is filled with powerful marine officers including Kizaru.

While the straw hat leader takes on the government officer, Zoro has to face one of the CP9 members, Lucci.

Such tensions have made readers curious about the spoilers and leaks of chapter 1108 of One Piece.

Zoro Vs Lucci Rages! One Piece Chapter 1108 Leaks, Spoilers

Soon after the previous release, fans eagerly waited for hints related to chapter 1108 of One Piece.

Further, the leaks suggest that readers will get a glimpse of Kizaru’s Awakening, becoming the first logia user to do so.

Zoro using two swords in chapter 1108
Lucci has been stalling Zoro from ending their battle. (Source: Twitter)

Kirazu already possesses the power of effective close as well as long-range fighting techniques.

Moreover, with the powers of Observational and Armament Haki, the admiral is a formidable enemy in the story.

On the other hand, readers anticipate another turn in Zoro’s battle with Rob Lucci as it has continued for a long time.

Despite using various sword techniques, Zoro hasn’t been able to get rid of the CP9 officer.

Similarly, Lucci is a tough opponent as he hasn’t given an opening to provide the swordsman a chance.

The spoilers of chapter 1108 could expand on the ongoing battle as Zoro will go all out with his three swords.

Meanwhile, Lucci will not hold back either as he will unlock his full potential and best abilities.

Zoro slashing his enemy in chapter 1108
Zoro might develop new techniques to defeat his opponent. (Source: Twitter)

Regardless of such happenings, fans predict that their fight might take a while before concluding.

Along with that, the previous chapter introduced Saturn’s accomplice who has ulterior motives, bringing a new aspect to the plot.

As the story moves forward, One Piece is bound to get more gripping as the author plans to give readers satisfying events.

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Egghead Island As a Battleground: Chapter 1107 Recap

The leaks of chapter 1108 began circulating following the revelations made in last week’s One Piece release.

The issue begins with Giant Warrior Pirates destroying marine battleships while Jinbe heads to Zoro’s battle point.

Further, Lucci mocks the swordsman claiming that he will try his best to hold back the straw hats on the island.

Sanji and Luffy prepare for a fight in 1108
Kizaru wants to eliminate the straw hat pirates on the island. (Source: Twitter)

Soon, the chapter then shifts to Luffy and Bonney as they recognize Vega punk’s gravely injured body.

Luffy becomes furious as he throws attacks at Saturn for hurting the doctor but Saturn doesn’t hold back his punches either.

Moreover, the Gorosei member attacks Luffy with his eye power, blowing the pirate’s head back.

Meanwhile, Kizaru tries to intervene by shooting a laser beam at Bonney and Vegapunk, but Sanji surprisingly blocks it.

The battleground chaos continues as the straw hat crew begins their retreat towards the coast.

However, the plan isn’t successful as Saturn rises from the rubble to stop the pirates.

Daemon and Van Augur
Egghead Island has become a ground for many criminals. (Source: Twitter)

At the same time, Devon and Van Augur reach the island and recall the incident where Blackbeard got criminals from Impel Down.

This hints at exploring the past of the notorious pirate in the coming chapters.

Likewise, at the end of the chapter Caribou makes an appearance as he displays his happiness to join the Blackbeard crew.

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