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God Vs Ninja Village: One Punch Man Chapter 196 Spoilers, Leaks

With extraordinary art style and powerful characters, One Punch Man remains one of the most popular series, and fans are currently looking online for chapter 196 leaks and spoilers.

One Punch Man is a superhero manga created by One which tells the story of Saitama.

The story occurs on a supercontinent version of Earth inhabited by powerful monsters and villains.

Moreover, the main character can defeat any opponent with a single punch and grows bored from a lack of challenge.

In the journey, Saitama is not alone, as characters like Genos, King, and Blizzard, among many, are there for the hero.

Likewise, the current timeline in the story has revealed the heavenly ninja party and their true motive.

With new difficulties in the story, readers search the internet for spoilers and leaks of One Punch Man chapter 196.

[SPOILERS] Heavenly Ninja Party: Chapter 195 Recap

Before discussing the leaks for chapter 196, let’s look back at the recent release of One Punch Man.

The Tenninto chapter opens with Speed O’ Sonic at an abandoned building after his defeat from Saitama.

Further, Flame and Wind drop in front of Sonic to take him down.

However, other ninjas who call themselves the Heavenly Ninja Party attack the duo.

One Punch Man leaks 196
The elite ninja group has ill intentions. (Source: OPM Wiki)

They are an elite assassination team with high-ranking ninjas from the village with overwhelming power.

Following that, Violent Force reveals that “The Man,” who is the founder of the ninja village, has finally awakened.

Further, he had been senseless after losing a battle against Blast 15 years ago.

With “The Man,” Tenninto aims to assassinate Falshy Falsh and publicly execute Blast.

Likewise, the ninja party recruits Sonic into their group and asks him to call Flash to a specific location.

The story shifts to Falshy Falsh, Saitama, and Manako learning about the Hero Association’s attempt at separating the monster cell.

One Punch Man Blast
Blast could come into the main action in the story. (Source: OPM Wiki)

Then, Manako reveals that she was initially a monster and could not be turned into a human.

Additionally, she reveals that she originated as a piece of Lord Gyoro-Gyoro.

Soon after, Flashy Flash reveals his true motive for coming to the place as he wants to talk about God and his connection to the ninja village.

As major questions remain unanswered, readers hope to find more information in the leaks and spoilers of One Punch Man chapter 196.

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God Vs Ninja Village? One Punch Man Chapter 196 Spoilers, Leaks Twitter

With the introduction of the new group in the story, excitement around chapter 196 of One Punch Man has surfaced along with leaks.

In the leaks of One Punch Man, readers expect to see Sonic make his move to figure out the location of Flashy Flash.

However, the assassin is not the kind of person to follow orders from anyone.

Further, with the return of “The Man,” we could also see Blast in action soon.

Moreover, the answer to the connection between God and the ninja village remains the highest expectation from the leaks of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man God
Fans anticipate an ultimate twist in the story. (Source: OPM Wiki)

Theories have surfaced online regarding the most awaited answer in the series.

Many users believe “The Man” could disguise himself as Blast to gather intel on God.

Likewise, the original webcomic did not include Blast in the current arc, which could be a major plot twist for the manga.

Meanwhile, some readers believe the ninja village leader will finally appear in the future chapter.

Nonetheless, the spoilers suggest that One Punch Man’s story will be a thrilling read.

Furthermore, fans expect the next chapter to be out on November 16, 2023, at midnight JST.

Similarly, anyone new to the manga can access the manga through Viz Media after official translations are released.

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