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Who Are Only Friends Series BL Couple? Most Awaited Moments

Questions rather than answers are growing amongst fans of Only Friends regarding which characters end up as a couple.

Only Friends is a Thai drama series aired in August 2023 and directed by Ninew Pinya Chookamsri.

This show is Ninew’s second directorial venture. He has also directed the well-received show named The Warp Effect.

The show is produced by The One Enterprise and is aired on GMMTV. Due to the show’s youthful content, the target audience has taken the show quite positively.

The show’s premise revolves around a group of students who run a hostel jointly. The show’s primary characters are Mew, Ray, Boston, Namchueam, Sand, and Nick.

Since the protagonists have to work together, the show shows the complexity of when friendship begins to turn into romance.

The fans wait to see what turns and twists will occur in the show. They are curious to know more about the Only Friends BL Couple.

Who Are Only Friends Series BL Couple?

Only Friends may seem like a typical romantic comedy initially. However, the show also delves into showing same-sex relationships between the protagonists.

Two of the central protagonists of the show, Ray and Mew, are shown to have some romantic tension among each other.

Mew supprting Ray while he is drunk
Ray is a wealthy and carefree playboy who has feelings for Mew.

However, their relationship has not seen any direction. Ray has feelings for Mew yet has not been able to confess the same.

The two have even shared a kiss. Yet their relationship seems rather toxic than long-lasting, with neither taking any strong initiation.

However, the Only Friends couple fans are talking about right now is Ray and Sand. In the recent episode, there was a slight altercation between Ray and Sand.

Ray snapped back at Sand, which has also angered some fans.

Sand is trying to get Ray to understand his love for him. However, Ray is too fixated on Mew to understand Sand’s intention.

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What Are The Most Awaited Moments?

There have been a lot of untangled questions in Only Friends regarding who will end up as a couple.

Much of the fan enthusiasm seems to be towards the relationship of Ray and Mew.

Most fans also are anticipating Mew’s action from here on. Many even suspect a revenge plot from Mew’s character.

Mew is one of the Only Friends Couple posing for the camera in the intro
Mew only focuses on his studies, setting aside no time for relationships.

Also, Only Friends fans are showing a keen interest in Sand and who he is a couple with.

One primary assumption from the coming episodes of Only Friends is that Ray and Mew officially become a couple.

Although this relationship is toxic because of Ray and Mew’s nature, fans speculate this will happen soon enough.

One more awaited moment from most fans is the endgame for the relationship between Boston and Nick.

The relationship started with a complex scenario, and Nick seems to be hopeful as of now.

Fans have begun expecting this dynamic to change soon, with Nick no longer being the optimistic one.

Clearly, Only Friends fans are on the edge, and with more episodes, there will be further clarity regarding who ends up as a couple.

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Are There Other Toxic Couples In The Series?

Boston and Nick are another two characters involved romantically. They are the other trending Only Friends couple as well.

Their relationship began rather weirdly, with Nick discovering lewd content on Boston’s phone.

Nick looking into Boston's eyes
Nick and Boston are in a friends-with-benefits relationship; however, Nick wants to be more than that.

Later, this turned towards being a relationship of friends with benefits.

However, with time going on, Nick is hopeful of a more meaningful turn in this relationship.

However, the web of confusing relationships grows further as it reveals that Sand’s ex is dating Top.

Fans assume that this is because of Top’s playboy nature.

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