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Owen Hart Accident And Death Footage: What Happened to Bret Hart Brother?

Owen Hart accident news still makes headlines on the internet. Here’s what we know about Bret Hart’s brother.

Owen Hart was a Canadian-American professional wrestler who played for many promotions. He mainly played under World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Furthermore, Hart was a one-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion. Also, he is recognized as one of the Hart family members, a mainly Canadian family with a significant history in professional wrestling.

Owen is also recognized as one of the siblings of Bret Hart, a retired professional wrestler. Unfortunately, Owen died on May 23, 1999, and his death still drags the eyes of many.

Owen Hart Accident Explained In Depth

Owen Hart got into an accident on May 23, 1999, after falling in Kansas City, Missouri, during the Over the Edge pay-per-view event and was facing The Godfather. 

He was in the process of being lowered via a harness and grappled line into the wrestling ring from the rafters of Kemper Arena for an Intercontinental Championship game.

In keeping with the Blazer’s new superhero character, Hart was to start a dramatic entrance, being lowered to just above ring level.

At that time, he would act entangled, then release himself from the safety saddle and fall flat on his face for comedic effect, necessitating a release mechanism.

owen hart accident
Owen Hart fell to death on May 23, 1999, during the Over the Edge pay-per-view event and was facing The Godfather. ( Source: YouTube )

While being dropped into the ring, Hart fell 78 feet (24 m), landing chest-first on the top rope and throwing him into the ring. 

Further, he had performed the stunt only a few times before. His widow Martha hinted that Hart unintentionally initiated an early release by moving around to get comfortable with the harness and his cape. 

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Owen Hart Death Footage: What Happened to Bret Hart Brother?

As mentioned earlier, Owen Hart died on May 23, 1999, after falling to death. During that time, he was 34 years old.

Since WWF cameras were rolling during the deadly accident, footage of Hart’s fatal fall exists on tape. Former WWF announcer Kevin Kelly confirmed this in a column in May 2013.

According to Kelly, the tape sits in the WWE Archive in Stamford, Connecticut. The tape’s instruction reads, “never to destroy, view or duplicate.” 

owen hart death
Owen Hart suffered a fatal accident at WWF: Over The Edge. ( Source: Twitter )

The remainder of the event was available online in bootleg VHS recordings form made during the event until the start of the WWE Network in February 2014. 

While the PPV is available on the service, it was edited not to include the aftermath of the fall and the report of Hart’s death by Jim Ross. 

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Owen Hart Funeral Services Details

Owen Hart’s funeral service took place on May 31, 1999. It was in the presence of family and friends to give Hart a deserving goodbye. 

The funeral was organized at the Park Memorial Chapel in Calgary, Alberta; not everyone was invited. Fans were not invited. So, they gathered together to pay respect to the late wrestler.

owen hart funeral
Val Venis, Triple H, and Chyna attending Owen Hart’s funeral. ( Source: Sportskeeda )

Singer Collin Raye performed Hart’s favorite songs titled One Boy, One Girl and Amazing Grace. As we know, the Hart family is one of the most respected families in Canada.

So, Calgary Mayor Al Duerr and other top government officials also attended the funeral services. 

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