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Pablo Escobar Kids: Meet Sebastian Escobar And Manuela Escobar, Family And Siblings

Many show interest in knowing Pablo Escobar Kids and family. What happened to his two children after his sudden death and tumultuous life? Let’s find out. 

One of history’s most famous drug lords, Pablo Escobar, had all money, drugs, and power to his name.

Likewise, Escobar passed away due to unfortunate circumstances on 2 December 1993.

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Meet Pablo Escobar Kids: Sebastian Escobar & Manuela Escobar

Famous drug lord Pablo Escobar had two children with his wife, Maria Victoria Henao. The name of his two kids is Manuela Escobar and Sebastian Escobar (aka Juan Pablo).

Pablo Escobar Family Children
Pablo Escobar with his Family. (Source: All That’s Interesting)

Despite being the children of one of the most feared people, Manuela and Sebastian were kept out of the spotlight. Hence, the children’s early life details are scarce.

Perhaps, the two kids might have lived and migrated to one of their Father’s many estates in the U.S. and Colombia.

People can’t deny the fact that Pablo may have had other children. Possibly, the drug mafia had plenty of relationships with other women besides Maria.

Yes, controversy arose years after his death when two women stepped forward claiming to be Escobar’s heirs.

One among the two was a Journalist named Virginia Vallejo, who allegedly claimed her legitimacy in 2007. Another one was Griselda Blanco, who claimed her legitimacy in 2013.

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Escobar Family Tree And Siblings

Escobar came from a low-income family. He with his family lived in a very underprivileged region of the world. His family’s desperate living conditions could be one of the reasons why he became a criminal.

However, his kids never had to face a poverty life. Strictly speaking, Pablo loved and handled his children with care. Similarly, the two siblings enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

But, in many ways, it seems like Escobar’s two legitimate children avoid the media limelight. Luckily, the two didn’t follow in their Father’s footsteps and lived different lives.

Talking about his first child Manuela Escobar, there is not much to say about her as she enjoys a shy lifestyle. Also, no information about the whereabouts has been released to the public.

Similarly, she stays off social media. According to some reports, Manuela and her mother hid after Pablo’s death. She might even be living under a fake name.

The daughter had to take these drastic precautions, as she has been the main pick out of her Father’s rivals.

Her brother, Sebastian, said she got caught up in many shots when she was young. Manuela survived with minor bruises, and her family decided to keep her identity and location secret after the horrific incident.

Pablo Escobar Son
Pablo Escobar’s Son opened up an insight about his family. (Source: Indy100)

Finally, talking about Escobar’s son Sebastian Escobar (aka Juan Pablo) has rarely avoided the spotlight. The man’s original name was Juan Pablo Escobar Henao.

Mostly, Sebastian has been vocal about Escobar’s legacy. Likewise, the son was the theme of Sins of My Father, the documentary released in 2009.

In the 2009 documentary, Juan shares the footprints led by his Father’s actions in his life.

Moreover, Sebastian is the author of the 2014 debut book Pablo Escobar, My Father. Also, the son is a humanitarian and is active in many philanthropic projects.

What Are Pablo Escobar Kids Doing Now?

No one can say what exactly Escobar’s children are doing now. In many ways, they both live away from the public’s eye.

As to what’s next for the two, it is still unsure. Many hope and understand that the kids aren’t like their fathers.

It is not like Sebastion and Maria had tried making up for their Father’s actions, but the sore may run a bit too deep for those victimized by his crimes.

Unfortunately, apart from Colombian people, many don’t view Pablo Escobar and his family positively. At the same time, he is still seen as a folk hero in the country.

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