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Make Up Artist Paddy Mcgurgan Weight Loss Before And After- Diet And Workout Plan

Paddy Mcgurgan is an award-winning professional makeup artist from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who has worked for esteemed brands such as MAC, NARS, Laura Mercier, Becca, Stila, and Chantecaille.

Mcgurgan recently launched his “HeART of Beauty” collection in collaboration with the luxury tanning brand Bellamianta.

Paddy Mcgurgan’s weight loss journey began at the end of 2019 amid a breakup. However, the makeup artist did not just lose weight to get a “revenge body” but also to feel better about himself and his physique.

In 2012, the professional artist opened a “Makeup Pro Store” store in Belfast, which sells niche professional brands for makeup artists such as Ben Nye, OCC, Make Up Atelier, Make Up Studio, etc.

Belfast Makeup Artist Paddy Mcgurgan Weight Loss Journey: The Makeup Mogul Is 13 Stones Lighter

The makeup artist first revealed his impressive transformation via Facebook in early 2021. Mcgurgan was overwhelmed by the amount of support and positivity he received.

Similarly, the Belfast-based artist grabbed lots of attention for shedding even more weight during the launch of Bellamianta’s collection on October 2, 2022.

Paddy Mcgurgan Weight Loss
Makeup artist Paddy Mcgurgan before (left) and after (right) weight loss. Source: Facebook

Paddy has been working in the makeup industry for over 20 years. As a makeup artist, he realized that it would be difficult to remain in the profession while dealing with back problems and other health issues like diabetes and chronic sleep apnea.

Therefore, the makeup artist was committed to making healthier life choices.

Initially, Paddy personally researched a lot on weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices. Before starting his journey, the makeup artist wanted to be familiar with fitness-related topics.

The 42-year-old identified his triggers and tried to build a better relationship with food.

Then, the award-winning makeup artist invested in a good personal trainer, Mike O’Sullivan, who consistently motivated him to make progress. Initially, Mcgurgan trained two times a week with Mike.

Due to hard work and dedication, the store owner went gone from weighing 29 and a half stone to around 16 and a half stone.

Additionally, he no longer suffers from weight-related health problems and does not need a CPAP machine to manage sleep apnea.

Mcgurgan has worked at prestigious fashion shows and events such as Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, MTV awards, and the Cannes film Festival.

Paddy Mcgurgan Diet And Workout Regime: What Did The Makeup Artist Do To Lose 180 Pounds?

Although the businessman embarked on the fitness journey in 2019, the lockdown propelled him to make significant changes and dedicate sufficient time.

Paddy had tried a lot of different diet hacks and approached in the past. However, this time, the makeup artist’s motto was not to expect overnight changes and instead set small and achievable targets.

The reputed makeup artist hates the word “diet” and does not believe in restricting himself. According to him, food is a fuel that nourishes our body; therefore, we should not feel guilty while eating.

The store owner stayed away from fatty and junk foods. However, he would sometimes indulge and enjoy a cheat meal or eat Chinese when he wanted to. But he would make it a point to get back to the gym and work out the next day.

Additionally, the businessman would make smart choices like having boiled rice instead of fried rice, gradually reducing portion size, and staying active.

Mcgurgan mentioned that he dislikes counting calories and weighing himself. He has not once considered checking his weight during the entire weight loss journey.

The Belfast native does not want to get discouraged by the number on the scale, as it tends to fluctuate a lot.

The award-winning artist feels much more confident and lighter mentally and not just physically.

Paddy Mcgurgan Weight Loss
Paddy Mcgurgan with the founder of Bellamianta, Linda Stinson at the launch of his makeup collection. Source: Goss.ie

Paddy uses public events like Bellamianta’s launch to motivate and push harder so that he can be more confident.

The fitness enthusiast has still not reached his goal and wants to continue improving.

The beauty mogul is a recipient of the European Creative Makeup Artist award and has won the Professional category of Illamasqua Distinction of Makeup Artistry.

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