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Painkiller: Who Is Christopher Trejo Mom Jennifer Trejo-Adams? Family Background

Christopher Trejo Mom Jennifer Trejo-Adams shares a painful story of her son’s death. She has given an emotional disclaimer for the people in the drama “Painkiller.”

Christopher Trejo was an athlete born in El Paso Texas, who spent much of his life in California. 

He moved to California for his college degree. Further, he had a tremendous interest in sports, especially baseball, and also enjoyed reading, music, video games, history, and other things.

When he was younger, people reportedly thought he had potential and described him as “magical.”

Moreover, Christopher had a lot of promise, but sadly, his addiction cut into that potential at a young age. At the age of 15, he received his first OxyContin prescription.

He was given a prescription for OxyContin, however, the reason for this has not been made public. It is a painkiller often used to treat moderate to severe pain brought on by injuries, arthritis, and cancer. 

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Who Is Christopher Trejo Mom Jennifer Trejo-Adams? 

Christopher Trejo Mom Jennifer Trejo-Adams is an unfortunate mother who is still grieving the death of her loving son.

Jennifer appears in the first episode of “Painkiller” wearing a T-shirt with her son Christopher Trejo’s name and a fuzzy picture of his face.

She reads the disclaimer with a detached tone while obviously scanning a script with her eyes cast downward.

After pausing, taking a decisive breath, and turning to face the camera, she says “What wasn’t fictionalized is that my son, at the age of 15, was prescribed OxyContin.”

Additionally, Christopher Trejo’s mom describes how her son battled addiction for years before passing away at 32 — “all alone in the freezing cold in a gas station parking lot.”

She is seen holding a photo of a happy Christopher playing baseball as a teenager while giving the disclaimer.

Likewise, in the caption of an Instagram picture, Trejo was hospitalized and his mother feared he would not survive.

Christopher Trejo Mom
Christopher Trejo’s Mom shared the death of her son in a very painful way. (Source: Distractify)

Jennifer later shared a different image that showed him in withdrawal while being treated in the hospital.

Soon later, his mother released another image that not only showed that Christopher’s foot had been removed but also showed him using a walker.

All of this happened in a brief period of time in 2018, the year before Christopher’s passing.

After his demise, Christopher Trejo’s mom established the Christopher Trejo Foundation, which aims to provide the homeless and addicts in San Bernardino and Los Angeles with basic requirements and hope.

Christopher Trejo Family Background

There is not much information on Christopher Trejo’s family details. Besides his mother Jennifer Trejo-Adams, no other family members are known.

However, it is known that the baseball player has had a brother whose information is under review at the moment.

Christopher’s parents were his biggest supporters, and they adored him. They were also pleased to notice that their son showed an early interest in athletics.

His father and mother decided to admit him to the baseball training center where he got basic baseball training.

Afterward, he began playing the game in his school years, showing the same enthusiasm for his academics.

Christopher Trejo Mom
Christopher Trejo has had a brother. (Source: HITC)

Even though the professional details of his brother are not made available, the two brothers are the closest in the family.

They had a strong bond and cared deeply for one another. They never showed any negative behavior and were always willing to help one another.

Christopher’s brother feels extremely bad for losing such a wonderful brother he has ever had. 

Furthermore, he does not want anyone to lose their family member through the use of such a toxic drug. Hence, he supports his mother in the awareness events against OxyContin. 

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