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Did Vin Diesel Wife Paloma Jiménez Had An Accident? The Truth!

Paloma Jiménez, the partner of famous movie star Vin Diesel, is reportedly in an accident recently. Is it true, or is it just a hoax?

Mark Sinclair, popular as Vin Diesel, is an American actor and producer.

Diesel is known for playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious movie series.

He started his career in 1990 and rose to fame after writing, directing, and appearing in the 1995 short film Multi-Facial. 

The beginning of Diesel’s career was marked when Spielberg decided to cast Diesel in the 1998 military epic Saving Private Ryan.

Diesel’s career has had both commercial and critical success.

In addition to acting, Diesel has dabbled in producing and directing. He established the production business One Race Films.

He also established the video game studio Tigon Studios and the musical label Racetrack Records.

However, the fans are going into a frenzy, speculating that Paloma Jiménez, Vin Diesel suspected wife, has had an accident.

Did Vin Diesel Wife Paloma Jiménez Had An Accident? The Truth! 

Paloma Jiménez is very private, as is evident by the lack of public appearances and presence on social media.

Due to this very reason, anything surrounding her is very secretive. There were rumors that Paloma Jimenez had met with an accident in early 2020.

The couple, however, have stayed mum about this incident. Fans are, therefore, confused about whether these rumors are even true.

Paloma Jiménez accident happened before the premiere of Fast X.
Paloma is famously known for being Vin Diesel’s long-time girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

However, as per Hollywoodcelebgossips, Paloma Jiménez met with a rather severe accident on January 13, 2020.

Further, they have even stated that the accident happened on a highway when Paloma Jiménez was driving her car.

The car collided head-on with another vehicle, and it is even reported that the accident caused Paloma Jiménez to suffer serious injuries.

Specifically, Paloma suffered from a broken neck and was immediately rushed to hospital.

Despite the heavy collision, though, she went on to fully recover.

However, there are no pictures anywhere related to the accident despite the severity of the accident.

Neither has Vin Diesel himself posted anything on the matter.

This has left fans suspicious of the incident, and many are even doubtful that this accident happened.

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Does Vin Diesel Have A History Of Accidents?

Even though Paloma Jiménez’s accident remains under wraps, Vin Diesel is no stranger to accidents.

Since Vin Diesel is a massive action star, it is imminent for him to be out in danger.

Vin Diesel wearing a costume that portrays his character as Groot.
Paloma has worked with well-known brands like Pantene, Coca-Cola, and more. (Source: Instagram)

During the shooting of Fast & Furious 9, he was in a minor accident. The accident happened in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He was reportedly driving a Pontiac GTO, which unfortunately collided with another car.

However, no severe injuries were on report for either of the involved parties.

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Paloma’s Decade Plus Relationship With Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, being an iconic Hollywood movie star, has had link-ups romantically with over 10 Hollywood stars.

He even dated his costar, Michelle Rodriguez, and had briefly linked up with the famous singer Mariah Carey.

His relationship history before meeting Paloma has been somewhat turbulent and brief.

Vin Diesel kneeling on the ground and smiling at the camera.
Paloma represents ID model Management in the US. (Source: Instagram)

However, Paloma Jiménez and Vin Diesel have been in a relationship for over 15 years.

They began unofficially dating back in 2007 and even have three children together.

Vin Diesel speaks highly of her and even quotes Paloma as the perfect mother.

He even stated in one of his interviews that she is her rock. This signifies that they share a relatively strong bond.

Despite this, though, the couple has yet to tie the knot. The reason behind this is unknown. However, several news portals have reported that they could already be.

However, incidents like Paloma Jimenez’s accident and even their rumored marriage have stayed away from the media and public eye.

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