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The Real Boat: Who Is Paolo Arrigo Wife Enida Avdic? Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

Paolo Arrigo is an Italian ship captain and T.V. personality set to appear as a crew member of Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess on the C.B.S. show “The Real Love Boat.”

“The Real Love Boat” is a reality dating show where 21 Australian participants search for true love as they sail through gorgeous places like Santorini, Rome, Barcelona, and Marseille.

The reality show is inspired by the 1970s sitcom of the same name, “The Love Boat.”

Who is Captain Paolo Arrigo’s Wife? The charming boat captain is married to a beautiful woman named Enida Avdic.

The Princess cruises’ captain will play a vital role in helping the contestants navigate the Mediterranean waters alongside hosts Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell.

The Love Boat Captain Paolo Arrigo Wife Enida Avdic Is An English Major 

Paolo Arrigo is married to Enida Avdic. Although we don’t know the couple’s exact timeline and dating history, we can estimate that they started seeing each other around 2016/2017.

Paolo Arrigo
Paolo Arrigo with his wife, Enida Avdic, and their daughter, Sara. Source: Instagram

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Tuzla is where Enida Avdic was born. She earned a Bachelor of English Language and Literature from the University of Tuzla’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2016.

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She is fluent in Bosnian and English and knows a little bit of Italian.

Paolo Arrigo’s Wife, Enida Avdic, is a designer and small business owner of YarnS Design, a handmade crochet clothing brand.

The captain’s wife sells crocheted tops, bags, outerwear, and dresses through her online business. Her main target audience is mothers and their babies.

The crochet brand has amassed an enormous 30,000 followers on Instagram and 1,000 likes on Facebook. Therefore, Enida is a successful business owner.

Before crocheting, the reality star’s wife occasionally models and does photoshoots.

The captain’s wife, Enida, is also an avid fan of the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

On November 5, 2019, the ship captain Paolo, and his wife, Enida, welcomed a baby girl, Sara, in Messina, Italy. The Love Boat captain seems very much content with his family life.

The Princess Cruises’ Captain Paolo Arrigo Wikipedia Age Is Forty-Six 

The Real Love Boat T.V. star Paolo Arrigo was born to Giuseppe Arrigo and Sara Bonanno in Messina, Sicily, Italy. He is currently 46 years old.

Arrigo has been working with Princess Cruises for over 26 years old since January 1998. The reality T.V. personality made his way up from deck cadet to the ship’s captain in 2017.

In addition, he has been working as a Fleet Operation O.C.E.A.N. Project Director for Carnival Corporation in Miami, Florida, since March 2017.

In 1996, he graduated from I.T. Nautico “Caio Duilio” Messina.

The T.V. star comes from a family of ship captains who has previously worked for Princess Cruises. He is the third generation, Arrigo, to choose a career at sea.

Paolo Arrigo
Paulo Arrigo (centre) with his friends at a NASCAR event representing Princess Cruises. Source: Instagram

According to his Instagram profile, Arrigo is passionate about cooking and D.I.Y. woodworking.

The captain even has a separate page, icaptainchefpaolo, where he posts pictures of delectable dishes.

The Love Boat captain did D.I.Y. woodwork for his parent’s kitchen in Sicily. Besides being in the sea, the Love Boat crew member also loves NASCAR and motorbikes.

Italian Boat Captain Paolo Arrigo Net Worth And Salary 

Paolo Arrigo had a regular job as a ship captain before appearing on the C.B.S. dating show “The Real Love Boat.” Therefore, it isn’t easy to estimate his net worth.

On average, the median salary of a cruise ship captain in the States is $86,503. According to Indeed, Arrigo’s Company, Princess Cruises, pays their ship captains a base salary of $107,340 per year.

The Love Boat captain has a BMW motorbike which costs approximately $7,000.

Due to the nature of his profession, Arrigo and his family travel to beautiful places like Greece, Turkey, Italy, etc.

Paolo Arrigo
Paolo Arrigo (center) on the sets of the dating show “The Real Love Boat.” Source: Distractify

If he plays his cards right, the ship captain is also on the verge of becoming a popular media personality. The reality dating show can open a door of opportunities for the 46-year-old Italian.

You can catch more of the charming Italian boat captain on “The Real Love Boat,” premiering this Wednesday, October 5, 2022, at 8 pm ET/PT on C.B.S.



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