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Paolo Macchiarini Family: Meet Wife Of 30 Years, Girlfriend, And Children

With the rise in popularity of Paolo Macchiarini, details surrounding his family, including his wife and children, are causing a huge stir on the internet.

Paolo Macchiarini is a famous Swiss thoracic surgeon and former regenerative medicine researcher.

Once celebrated as an established surgeon, he gained most recognition for his groundbreaking achievements in thoracic surgery.

But, the investigation later declared him a fraud.

Moreover, authorities in countries including Sweden and Italy have convicted Paulo of research-related crimes.

Paolo has previously worked as a visiting professor and director on a temporary contract at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.

And because of his discoveries, people regarded him as an expert in trachea transplants.

However, he was convicted of conducting research misconduct after the death of the majority of his patients on whom he performed transplants.

In addition, Netflix has even featured his story in its popular running TV show, Bad Surgeon.

Further, netizens are actively searching for the Paolo Macchiarini family to know more about his personal life.

Paolo Macchiarini Family: Wife And Children

Frequently, the life of surgeon Paolo Macchiarini has caused huge controversies in the medical field.

While many consider him an established surgeon who has done some innovative transplants, some people still say he’s a fraud.

Thus, this has often made him the center of discussions many times.

People questioned his ethics, and the personal life of Paolo Macchiarini and his family was at stake. 

Paolo was born in Basel, Switzerland, to Italian parents, and he studied medicine at the University of Pisa, Italy, and graduated in 1986.

Paolo Macchiarini Family
There is not enough information about the Paolo Macchiarini Family. (Source: NBC)

Since then, he specialized in thoracic surgery and has worked at different hospitals in Sweden and Italy.

The same year, he married an Italian woman named Emanuela Pecchia. The couple share two children, one girl and one boy.

Despite his status as a celebrity doctor, people don’t know much about his children and wife.

Unlike Paolo, they don’t appear much in public and prefer to stay away from the limelight.

There was even news about his divorce, but the Paolo Macchiarini family has not spoken anything regarding this.

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Past Relationships Of Paolo Macchiarini And Girlfriend 

Though Paolo was married, his name has been taken alongside many others.

But, his relationship with Benita Alexander was the most popular and controversial one.

Benita Alexander is an award-winning NBC News producer. She fell in love with the surgeon while filming a documentary about Paolo, A Leap Faith, in 2015.

At the time, the TV producer, a mother of a nine-year-old daughter, had tied the know to her second husband.

Despite this, while filming the TV special, Paolo’s charm and promises of officiating their wedding hooked Benita.

The pair often enjoyed holidays in the Bahamas, Turkey, Mexico, and Greece during their relationship.

Paolo Macchiarini Girlfriend
Paolo Macchiarini was in an open relationship with Benita Alexander. (Source: The Sun)

Reportedly, Paolo was the one who asked Benita to marry him on Christmas Day with a $100,000 diamond ring.

She said that Paolo promised him that he would marry her in front of the pope. 

However, she started having suspicions after the marriage was frequently delayed.

So, she hired a private investigator to investigate her partner.

But Paolo had already been married for more than 30 years, and she was unaware of this.

When she later discovered about his marriage, even more extreme allegations came forward against him.

And the allegations did not end there. The higher-ups further found him to have misinterpreted data and exaggerated the effectiveness of his techniques.

A Swedish court later sentenced him to a two-year suspension. Since then, there’s no news about one so-called prodigy of transplants, Paolo Macchiarini.

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