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Pat Sajak Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

The jolly host from the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak, has an enormous net worth of $70 million!

The guy has been inducted into the Guinness World Records for being the longest-running game show host and is considered one of the wealthiest game show hosts.

In Frame: Pat Sajak

He was even won 3 Emmys for his outstanding role and has been given a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Furthermore, he is a DJ who served in the Vietnam war.

Let’s have a look at the incredible journey of this well-appreciated game show host,

Quick Facts

Before we get to the specifics, here are a few well-known facts about Pat Sajak:

Full Name Patrick Leonard Sajak
Net Worth $70 Million
Birth Date October 26, 1946
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Nick Name NA
Religion Christian
Nationality                          American
Ethnicity English, Polish
Languages Spoken English
Education Columbia College Chicago
Father’s Name Leonard Anthony Sajdak
Mother’s Name Joyce Backal
Siblings David Sajdak, William Backal
Offspring Maggie Sajak, Patrice Micheal James Sajak
Age 77 Years Old
Height 1.77 m
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Lesly Brown-Sajak
Profession Television Personality, Game Show Host
Active Since 1968
Endorsements NA
Social Media Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Pat Sajak: Net Worth and Income

The beloved game show host has a towering net worth of $70 million. 

Pat began working as the host for “Wheel of Fortune” in 1981, and through this very role, he’s gone on to become one of the richest game show hosts in the world.

Currently, Pat bags around $15 million annually from the show. He’s known to film 6 episodes per day, and considering everything else; he makes around $52,000 per episode.

He’s been a star of the show for over 3 decades and will probably continue for a while more. His contract is until the end of 2022, so he’ll still be making more money from the show.

Besides TV, Pat is involved in a couple of other areas through which he makes decent money as well. He is the co-founder and the brand ambassador for Great American Deals.

Other than that, he’s made investments in a couple of companies and a baseball league too. Overall, he seems to be doing pretty well in terms of earning money.

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Net Worth of Pat Sajak in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look at Pat Sajak’s net worth in different currencies. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 25.443 Million
Pound Sterling £ 21.814 Million
Australian Dollar620.72 A$ 41.109 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 37.899 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 2,205,568,500
BitCoin ฿ 620.72

Pat Sajak: Houses & Cars


What do you do when you have millions of dollars in your bank account? First and foremost, you buy a freaking mansion. And, yes, that is what Pat Sajak did too.

At the moment, Pat Sajak lives in Severna Park, Maryland, with his wife and their two children. He purchased the Maryland home back in 1991, and currently, the house is valued at around $1.275 million.

Pat Sajak’s House in Maryland, California

Besides this glorious mansion, Sajak has another house up in Los Angeles. However, there are only a few public records of the residence. So, it is pretty much a mystery.

Pat Sajak used to have another residence in California. Specifically in Glendale, which he and his ex-wife Sherill Sajak used to own. Following their divorce, Sherill sold the property for $425,000 in 1986.

At present, the Glendale home is worth around $700,000. It was listed back on the market in 2014.


Pat Sajak is quite secretive about his way of life. He rarely discloses personal information. The car that drives, too, had been a mystery a long time. However, in 2014 Alex Trebek silently let this small detail slip from his mouth.

As per Trebek’s description, it was clear that Pat Sajak drives a four-door, Porsche. He further added, ” When he pulls out of the driveway, it’s like a jet taking off. He’s got four mufflers.”

Pat Sajak: Lifestyle and Vacations


Being a millionaire and a beloved TV show host, Pat already has everything a person could ask from life. But besides money and work, there are a couple of other things that the celebrity enjoys.

One of them is writing. He often writes columns related to human events. Furthermore, he is also a regular podcast participant and is famous for being a skeptic on Climate change!

Moreover, he is a huge fan of the professional ice hockey team, the Washington Capitals. He has also invested quite a lot in this particular sport.

Besides that, he is also quite close with his children, and he really loves sharing quality time with his family whenever possible. He’s not that active in social media, though he tweets every once in a while.

In one of his recent tweets, he also shared that he was learning to code and was taking different courses. Apparently, he plans to join the IT sector after the wheel of fortune.

He did have a major health complication back in 2019 when he had to stay away from the show for around 3 weeks. The recovery went quite well, and at the moment, he is doing just fine.


Talking about vacations, it’s pretty clear for “Wheels of Fortune” viewers that Pat Sajak has traveled to several places around the world.

He and his co-host Vanna White have had the opportunity to travel a lot through his game show. They’ve been to some exciting events in the past 3 decades.

In 2016, they celebrated the “Disney Sea & Shore Week” while staying at the Aulani Resort.

Pat Sajak and Vana White at the Aulani Resort

Of course, when they aren’t busy shooting, they often tend to take breaks and enjoy the places they travel to.

One such instance was in 2019 when they enjoyed by the beach in South Florida as the show crew made preparations.

What’s more, his wife really loves to travel a lot and is a photographer by profession. So, even though they don’t open up as much about their private lives, they do travel together as often as they can.


Pat Sajak is a wonderful person both on and off-camera. He’s done plenty in the world of charity, which is why he is beloved by many people.

He and his wife, Lesly, founded “The Lesly & Pat Sajak Foundation” earlier in 1995. The foundation mostly focused on the educational, health, and social service sectors.

The last known contributions made to the foundation date back to 2015. Since then, the trails go cold; there’s no information regarding their current status.

Besides that, Pat is also known to support Young America’s Foundation financially. Furthermore, he’s also a columnist who frequently writes on issues related to Human Events.

Pat Sajak: Movies & TV Shows, Investments

Movies & TV Shows

Pat has worked in front of the camera for a very long time now. But most of us only recognize him as the host for the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.” What about his other endeavors in the entertainment industry?

Besides being a host, the beloved personality has also been featured in a couple of movies and TV shows. The most remarkable appearance he made was in the 1982 movie Airplane II: The Sequel.

Similarly, he even appeared in the 1983 soap opera Days of Our Lives. Following that, he portrayed himself in the 1993 cartoon show Rugrats.

Oh, and he has also shown face in the popular TV show, The A-Team.

He again appeared as himself in an episode of the sitcom “The King of Queens.” Furthermore, he also appeared on episodes of ESPN Radio’s The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz.


It wasn’t just his appearance on TV that got Pat his huge net worth. During his long years as a war veteran, some careful and wise investments also contributed well to his totality.

He’s invested in a couple of things throughout his stretched career. You may not know this, but Pat is an entrepreneur too. He is the co-owner and the brand ambassador of Great American Deals.

Michael Silber initially founded the company, and in time Sajak joined the crew because he liked the local aspect and community involvement. Apparently, the company uses a portion of its profits for charity.

Similarly, he has invested in the company Whyville, a virtual world that combines educational materials and social features and targets 8 to 15-year-olds.

Furthermore, in 2005, he invested in the Golden Baseball league, a professional baseball league with teams in the western United States and Canada.

Moreover, he is also the vice-chairman on the Board of Trustees at Hillsdale College and a board member for the Clairmont Institute.

Besides the usuals, he has also had good investments in real estate. The current house that he lives in has a huge value of $1.275 million. The value could go even further in the next couple of years.

Pat Sajak: Career

Pat Sajak has had a steady career for a really long time. He actually started working as a news anchor at the local radio station WEDC. Shortly after, he had to join the U.S. Army in 1968 during the Vietnam war.

While away, he served as a disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio. After being a DJ, he was offered a voiceover job at NBC’s “Today’s Show’, which later turned into anchoring.

In the late ’70s, KNBC-TV was looking for a weatherman, and well, pat took the job for a while too. In 1981, Merv Griffin asked Pat Sajak if he wanted to host the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

Initially, the president of NBC, Fred Silverman, rejected his hiring, but soon after, Fred was fired, and Pat came on board.

And, since then, he’s been actively working on the show for over 3 decades now.

He became the longest-running game show host and was even inducted into the Guinness World Records in March 2019!

Aside from the game show, Pat had a short-lived late-night talk show on CBS called The Pat Sajak Show. Besides that, he has also appeared in cameo roles in a couple of movies and tv shows.

Similarly, he’s the author of several puzzle games, including Lucky Letters from 2007. And, he is also a columnist who writes for the conservative magazine Human Events.

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3 Facts About Pat Sajak

  • He used to work for a Spanish radio station even though he did not know Spanish at all!
  • Pat Sajak has worked for the Pentagon too.
  • The irony is that Pat Sajak was once a contestant on Wheel of Fortune too!


What disease does Pat Sajak have?

It’s not exactly a disease rather; he just had to go through a major operation. In 2019, Sajak underwent surgery for a blocked intestine, due to which he had to take a break from work.

Things were pretty serious, and he said that he almost died from the pain in his post-surgery interviews.

Is Pat Sajak Still Married?

Yes, Pat Sajak is still married to his wife, Lesley Brown. He’s been happily married for nearly 33 years!

Did Pat Sajak change his name?

Yes, Pat Sajak did change his name but not entirely, though. His actual last name is pronounced with the letter ‘d’ in it, i.e., Sajdak. When he got married, he just dropped the letter and started calling it Sajak.



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