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Patricia Gaul Wikipedia: Know About Jeff Goldblum Ex-Wife

Jeff Goldblum’s recent Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance discussing this year’s Super Bowl prompted fans to search for more about his life, including details about his ex-wife Patricia Gaul on her Wikipedia page.

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum is an American actor and musician renowned for his distinctive style and performances.

He’s played key roles in major box office hits like Jurassic Park and Independence Day and their follow-up films.

Nevertheless, he rose to fame with films such as The Big Chill, The Fly, and others.

Additionally, he is a member of a jazz band that debuted with their first album, The Capitol Studios Sessions, in 2018.

As of now, he has amassed a substantial fan base, boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Given his popularity, his dating life was constantly under the public eye including his marriage with Patricia Gaul.

Despite the end of their weddings several years ago, many still wonder about the details of Patricia Gaul as they look for her on Wikipedia.

Patricia Gaul Wikipedia: Know About Jeff Goldblum Ex-Wife

Fans were eager to learn more about Patricia Gaul through her Wikipedia, but the page seems missing.

Known widely as the ex-wife of Jeff, Patricia Gaul has several notable moments in her life that could be featured on her potential Wikipedia page.

Born on October 31, 1945, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Patricia Gaul is currently 78 years old.

Regarding her family, Patricia Gaul has not disclosed much information. However, according to sources, she adheres to Christianity.

Patricia Gaul and Jeff Goldblum
She does not have any social media presence. (Source: Twitter)

As of now, her educational background remains undisclosed, with no available information on her academic history.

Further, She tied the knot with Jeff Goldblum on July 4, 1980, marking a significant moment in her personal life.

However, the marriage faced challenges, and after five years, Patricia Gaul and Jeff Goldblum divorced in 1985.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the couple had no children together during their marriage.

Jeff and his current wife
Jeff has two children with his current wife, Emilie Livingston. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, while Jeff Goldblum has remarried twice following their separation, Patricia has chosen to keep her life private after the divorce.

Hence, she has opted for a private life and has no official social media presence.

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Details About Patricia’s Professional Life: Career Details

Even though there is limited information about her personal life, Patricia Gaul’s professional life is known.

Patricia Gaul is an American actress, director, and producer recognized for her roles in films such as Silverado, Road Trip, and more.

Her initial television appearance was in an episode of the crime drama mystery series Quincy, M.E.

However, she rose to fame in 1983 for portraying Annie in the movie The Big Chill.

Big chill movie poster
Patricia Gaul does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page as of now. (Source: Twitter)

Later, in 1985, she played alongside Jeff in the movie Silverado, which also became a hit.

After that, she continued to be part of films such as Deadly Messages, If Tomorrow Comes, Big Business, and Thirtysomething.

Apart from her acting roles, Patricia Gaul took on the roles as a producer and director.

She contributed to the 2007 documentary Humanity Ascending and the 2010 documentary Visions of a Universal Humanity.

Therefore, Patricia Gaul future Wikipedia page might highlight her notable contributions to the entertainment industry.

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