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Patti Stanger Weight Loss & Diet: Health Condition After Plastic Surgery

Lately, there has been wide concern regarding the weight loss journey of Patti Stanger since she keeps flaunting her curvy body and youthful skin on her social media which people really admire. So let’s find out if she follows any strict diet.

Patti Stanger is an American entrepreneur and reality TV star who gained fame as a creator and star cast of the TV series The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Her created series, The Millionaire Matchmaker is solely centred on matchmaking.

Additionally, she founded and leads Millionaire’s Club International, Inc., a renowned matchmaking business club.

She started the business in January 2000 as a third-generation matchmaker.

Rather than her business career, fans’ focus has recently shifted to her significant transformation.

Consequently, this sparked debates about whether her new look stemmed from filters, Photoshop, or actual plastic surgery.

While most recognize diet and exercise as primary factors for health, people are now curious about Patti Stanger’s secrets and current health conditions.

The Weight Loss Secret Of Patti Stanger Revealed

Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, has successfully managed her weight even in her early 60s.

This has sparked curiosity among people eager to learn her secrets about diet and workout routines.

First of all, Patti Stanger always emphasizes the importance of steady weight loss, warning against rapid weight loss that can accelerate signs of aging.

Further, she emphasizes that everyone’s body is unique, rejecting the idea that a size zero is the ideal for everyone.

Patti Stanger taking mirror selfie wearing bikini
Patti Stanger said gluten-free healed her body. (Source: Instagram)

Believing that notion, Patti worked on her body and also followed a gluten-free, paleo diet. She adopted the particular diet after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease ten years ago. 

But before settling on a gluten-free and paleo diet, Patti experimented with various eating plans, including vegan, keto, and carnivore.

Now, she is all well with her health condition. Despite being initially told she’d need lifelong medication, she no longer requires it.

On top of that, Patti revealed that her thyroid now functions perfectly. Besides following a diet, she also prioritizes meditation.

According to an article published in PEOPLE magazine, Patti meditates for 15 minutes daily.

Additionally, she noted that combining meditation with exercise helps stabilize her hormones and improves her relationship with food.

Lastly, she credits Sensa Weight Loss System for her successful 30-pound weight loss, and just after the fact surfaced in the media, it piqued public interest in the dietary choices of Patti Stanger.

What Does Patti Stanger Eat in a Day?

Patti Stanger revealed that she no longer restricts her diet and maintains a routine with a personal trainer.

She detailed her daily eating habits, starting with lemon water for hydration in the morning, followed by two large water bottles throughout the day.

For breakfast, Patti enjoys a large pancake made with Dr Emma’s waffle, paired with two egg whites, strawberries, blueberries, and sugar-free syrup.

Patti Stranger putting water drops in jar
Patti Stranger undergone several cosmetic surgeries. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, her snack consists of Lundberg rice chips with hummus.

Her lunch includes tuna with light mayo and lemon on a vegetable salad and diet cola.

Later in the day, she snacks on Krave black cherry barbecue pork jerky. For dinner, Patti opts for homemade chicken chili with yellow mustard over zero-calorie yam noodles.

Lastly, she concludes her day with a glass of her sweet red P.S. Match wine and a small piece of Alter Ego dark chocolate with sea salt, totaling 1316 calories.

Dietitians have praised Patti’s routine, particularly highlighting the protein-rich breakfast and vegetable-filled lunch. 

In addition to her dietary habits, people wonder about Patti Stanger’s changing appearance over the years, prompting questions about potential surgery.

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Is 62-Year-Old Matchmaker Trying To Beat The Aging?

Many people initially believed that the weight loss of Patti Stanger came from hard workouts, but they soon thought differently.

In a recent Life & Style article, Patti confessed she had plastic surgery to look competitive with younger women. 

She openly discussed fixing her sagging eyelids, called ptosis. Patti said she had undergone breast reduction surgery in 2008, going from a 36DD to a 34C.

Patti Stanger mirror reflection wearing black dress
Patti had a breast reduction surgery in 2008. (Source: Instagram)

Later, she got an eyelift and Botox in 2011, even though she wasn’t keen on getting an eyelift at first. She mentioned getting Botox for her cluster headaches.

Around this period, she also ended a long-term relationship. Patti feels that being single at her age means she needs to look good to attract men.

Nonetheless, Patti feels she looked her best after surgery and is happy with the results, which is what counts for her.

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