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Did Paul Giamatti Divorce Wife Elizabeth Cohen? 2024 Update!

Paul Giamatti likes to keep his personal life private, which is why some of his fans are still unaware of his divorce from his ex-wife, Elizabeth Cohen. Let’s get into the details.

Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti is a very famous American actor who was born in the year 1967 June 6.

He is known for his roles in movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), Saving Private Ryan (1998), and Man on the Moon (1999).

Before making his debut on the big screen, he used to act on Broadway and in theaters.

Even after being a big name in Hollywood through major movies and TV shows, Paul’s love for theatre never died.

He made his theatre comeback through revivals of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters (1997) and Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh (1999).

Not only for his amazing talent, his fans also love him for who he is behind the scenes.

Paul Giamatti is often in the headlines for his personal life. Meanwhile, the divorce of Paul Giamatti from Elizabeth Cohen is still a topic of discussion among his fans.

Paul Giamatti And Wife Elizabeth Cohen Divorce News Comes To Light After Years

According to various online reports, Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth Cohen divorced for several years.

The news did not make many headlines because of their silence during the divorce process.

Paul Giamatti photoshoot
Even after their separation, Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth are both great parents to son Samuel. (Source: Twitter)

In an interview before their divorce, Paul Giamatti made a statement saying how different their personalities were.

Paul added that he was attracted to Elizabeth because she was grounded and social, whereas he was more introspective.

Often, the same things that bind the couple in the initial stages of the relationship are the ones that separate them later.

This may have been the case for the Hollywood couple, Paul and Elizabeth.

However, no details about why they decided to end things have come forward.

Meanwhile, it appears that Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth Cohen greatly respect each other even after the divorce.

Paul Giamatti divorce
Paul and Elizabeth spent nine years together before parting their ways. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, during their marital life, the couple had a son, Samuel Paul Giamatti, born in 2001, four years after marriage.

Despite their divorce, the couple loves their son and believes in mutual co-parenting as an essential part of upbringing.

Moreover, because of their son, Samuel, Paul and Elizabeth have decided to leave their differences in the past and move on healthily.

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Inside The Private Marriage And Divorce Of Paul Giamatti And Elizabeth

Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth met in the late 90s through mutual friends and tied the knot on October 13, 1997.

Their marriage was a private event with few of their family and friends as guests.

The wedding officiator was Elizabeth Cohen’s grandfather’s law clerk.

Sadly, the marriage did not work out for some reason, and they decided to get a divorce.

Paul Giamatti
Paul Giamatti is a great actor, and his personal life has rarely been a distraction to his work. (Source: Twitter)

After their divorce, news surfaced that Paul Giamatti sold his share of a Brooklyn Heights co-op to Elizabeth for $1.1 million.

This gives us a slight hint that things are not so bad between the ex-lovers.

Moreover, Paul Giamatti was seen with a mysterious brunette woman in 2019.

There are speculations that he may have been dating the woman then.

However, no information regarding his relationship with the mysterious woman has come forward in the media.

Meanwhile, at the 81st Golden Globe Awards, Paul Giamatti recently accepted the Billions actress Clara Wong as his new girlfriend.

It seems they have been together since 2021, given the birthday post by Clara Wong on her Instagram.

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