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Paul Landis Wikipedia: Secret Agent On John F. Kennedy Murder

Hold onto your hats! Paul Landis, the man who guarded JFK, is about to spill secrets under wraps for 60 years! But does Paul Landis have a Wikipedia? Let’s find out.

Paul Landis is a name that might not ring a bell for many but holds a significant place in the pages of American history.

He was a Secret Service agent, a role that demands courage, dedication, and an unwavering commitment. 

But his name became etched in history for a different reason. 

Paul Landis was there, a silent witness to the shocking event that unfolded on that fateful day on November 22, 1963.

He is most famous for being there on an unfortunate day in American history – the day President John F. Kennedy was killed.

People are still curious about what happened that day, and Paul Landis was one of the few who saw it happen.

Netizens search for more details on that incident through the Wikipedia of Paul Landis.

Paul Landis Wikipedia: The Secret Service Agent On John F. Kennedy Murder

Despite his significant role in one of the most pivotal moments in American history, Paul Landis does not have a Wikipedia page.

The absence of a Wikipedia page for Paul Landis has undoubtedly created a buzz.

Paul Landis was born in Worthington, Ohio.

Meanwhile, the exact details on his date of birth are unavailable as Paul Landis doesn’t have a Wikipedia.

Paul Landis has been atopic of discussion post his interview which has increased people's interest in his Wikipedia
Paul Landis had always thought Oswald was the only shooter, but now he doubts that assertion.

However, Paul Landis is supposedly in his late 80s.

As for his personal life, Paul has kept much of his early and private life away from the public eye.

It is common for people who work in the Secret Service to keep their personal lives away from the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Paul Landis began his career with the Secret Service in 1959.

By 1963, Paul Landis had been assigned to protect First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her children.

He was one of the agents walking behind the presidential limousine during the motorcade in Dallas.

So, Paul Landis witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy at close range.

A picture from moments before John F Kennedy was assassinated
Paul Landis and another agent had to persuade Jackie Kennedy to let go of her husband’s wounded body. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the high-profile nature of his role in this historical moment, he has largely remained out of the limelight.

In his memoir, Paul Landis has made some pivotal revelations, sparking new interest in the events of that day.

The account provides a first-hand perspective on one of the most scrutinized events in American history.

Also, his revelations are sure to add more to the ongoing national conversation about the Kennedy assassination.

The Final Witness And The Controversy

The Final Witness: A Kennedy Secret Service Agent Breaks His Silence After 60 Years is a memoir by Paul Landis.

Chicago Review Press took the initiative of publishing the book in October 2023.

It provides a first-hand account of the events that unfolded on that fateful day.

In this memoir, he breaks his silence after 60 years and shares his recollections of the day President Kennedy was assassinated.

Meanwhile, he was never interviewed by the Warren Commission and kept his recollections private.

One of the most significant revelations in the book is Landis’s account of finding a nearly intact 2-inch bullet.

It was on the top of the back seat of the presidential limo at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Paul describing the incident to the interviewer
Paul Landis was standing on the right rear running board of the Secret Service follow-up car when JFK was shot.

He picked up the bullet himself, put it into the pocket of his suit jacket, and went inside the hospital.

Later, he placed the bullet on one of the gurneys that had brought the president and Texas Governor John Connally into the emergency room.

Therefore, this bullet is now famous as the Magic Bullet.

Meanwhile, the controversy arises because Paul had a legal and moral duty to explain what he had done.

The fact that we are only learning about this almost 60 years after the assassination is deeply troubling.

It is because the removal of the bullet took away from constructing a proper narrative of what transpired on that terrible day.

Thus, The Final Witness is a compelling read that offers a unique perspective on one of the most significant events in American history.

Finally, it invites readers to reconsider the events of that day and the subsequent investigation.

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