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Paul Mauro Wikipedia, Wife: Former NYPD Inspector In Fox News

As per recent news, Paul Mauro’s response to Mayor Eric’s call to change sanctuary city laws and discuss migrant crime has led many to search for the Wikipedia page of Paul Mauro and his wife. Let’s find out more about it!

Paul Mauro is a knowledgeable legal professional specializing in law enforcement and intelligence.

He’s worked in different roles in the New York City Police Department, such as heading the Legal Bureau and overseeing Intelligence Operations and Analysis.

Further, Mauro has significantly contributed to major investigations and efforts to combat terrorism.

He has collaborated extensively with law enforcement agencies globally, demonstrating his commitment beyond law enforcement.

Paul Mauro is also a writer and Council on Foreign Relations member.

Moreover, you may have witnessed his appearances on FOX News, where he discusses law and criminal justice matters.

He has also authored books on forensic analysis and crime scene investigation.

Paul Mauro is highly knowledgeable in law, crime, and ensuring the safety of individuals.

Nevertheless, Paul Mauro has sparked wide recognition and piqued enthusiasm among many netizens.

Following this, the masses’ interest has led them to the Wikipedia page of Paul Mauro to explore his biography and his wife.

Paul Mauro Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Early Life

Despite the notable achievements and public interest, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Paul Mauro.

However, in this article, we have gathered all the personal information about Paul Mauro, which Wikipedia may include in the future.

Paul Mauro is a well-known American lawyer and former NYPD inspector. Born in New York in 1963, he is 60 years old.

He spent his childhood in a lower-middle-class family in Sydney, Australia, before relocating to New York City to further his education and professional pursuits.

Paul Mauro in coat
Paul Mauro has served in various roles within the New York City Police Department. (Source: Twitter)

Further, Mauro attended Northeastern University, earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

In addition to his education, he also earned the titles of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

Moreover, his achievements and career within the New York City Police Department have been impressive.

He held various roles, overseeing the Legal Bureau and aiding in managing the Intelligence Operations and Analysis Bureau.

Mauro excelled in various areas during his tenure, including investigations, anti-piracy enforcement, and electronic surveillance.

Furthermore, he’s recognized for skillfully employing new technologies while adhering to legal boundaries.

Paul Mauro black coat
Paul Mauro has also served as the Commanding Officer of the Legal Bureau. (Source: FoxNews)

He contributes to the media by offering legal and criminal justice analysis as a FOX News Media contributor.

Although he has accomplished a lot professionally, Mauro keeps personal information such as his religion and zodiac sign private.

Nonetheless, Paul Mauro’s journey from humble beginnings to a distinguished legal expert reflects resilience, dedication, and excellence.

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Details About The Wife Of Paul Mauro And His Career

Paul Mauro is married to Linda Mauro, and they have two children: a son named Nicolas and a daughter named Bianca.

Linda and her husband have more than 25 years of experience as a financial representative.

Further, she used to live in Canada but now resides in the United States with her husband, Mauro, and their family.

Moreover, Paul Mauro is a retired New York Police Department officer now working as an attorney.

He held key positions in the NYPD, including Commanding Officer of the Legal Bureau and Executive Officer of the Intelligence Operations and Analysis Bureau.

Paul Mauro in shirt
Paul Mauro is a contributor to FOX News Media. (Source: BioxNews)

He was a member of the NYPD for 23 years and played important roles in the response to the 9/11 attacks, specifically at Ground Zero.

Mauro has also garnered attention for his television appearances, where he specializes in law enforcement.

He has appeared on Air CrashInvestigation (aka Mayday), Jesse Watters Primetime, and Gutfeld.

Similarly, he also contributes opinion articles on crime topics to the Fox News website.

Paul Mauro gained attention in the media for his comments about the Memphis police shooting of Tyre Nichols during an appearance on Fox News.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of looking beyond charging the officers, considering the broader context and the police department’s credibility.

Nonetheless, Paul Mauro’s professional and personal career and family life reflect his dedication and commitment.

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