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Paul Sfeir Biografia Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Paul Sfeir Biografia Wikipedia: Today’s article revolves around the prolific journalist, Paul Sfeir’s Wikipedia, and age since many people are intrigued to know her better.

Paul Sfeir is a Hispanic journalist, television show and radio host, and producer, with over 3 decades of experience in different areas of TV broadcasting and radio.

He is ethical and reliable with the capacity to communicate with people at all organizational levels. Sfeir is also able to function well both individually and in a group.

Paul is resourceful, dedicated to excellence, skilled at managing several projects, and able to work well under pressure. He has an excellent understanding of current affairs and foreign news, a positive outlook toward life, competent reporting skills, and innovative abilities.

The journalist also has strong planning and organizing skills. Apart from serving as a journalist, Paul works as a columnist writer, music producer, music events producer, songs composer and author, video producer, sound producer, math teacher, and charity volunteer.

Since Steri is extremely passionate about his work and life, many people adore and respect him.

As a result, many also show a keen interest in his personal life. Hence, via this article, let’s learn about Sebastian Zuccardi’s Wikipedia whereabouts and age.

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Paul Sfeir Biografia Wikipedia

Because of Paul Sfeir’s drive, commitment, and ambition, many people are constantly motivated and inspired by him.

As a result, Paul has been successful in building a strong following that backs his ethos, purpose, and endeavors. To learn more about Paul Sfeir’s personal and professional life, many people are also looking for his Wikipedia page.

Nevertheless, Paul doesn’t yet have a Wikipedia page created for his professional achievements. Nonetheless, his information has been covered on a number of other websites.

Paul Sfeir Biografia Wikipedia
Paul Sfeir doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet made in honor of his professional achievements. (Source: Instagram)

Although Sfeir isn’t featured on Wikipedia, many fans already know and respect him. Additionally, on his Instagram handle and other social media sites, there are many people who follow him to get updates about his life. 

Speaking of his biography, Paul first attended Universidad Simon Bolivar and earned his Associate’s Degree in Methodology of Teaching. He later joined Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1994 and finished his Associate’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1994.

Speaking of his professional career, Paul first began his career as an anchor and producer for Radio Libra 104.7 FM.

He used to anchor daily newscasts and research, screen, and prepare all content to be used in news shows. Likewise, from March 2017 to May 2019, Paul began working as a coordinator territorial for Congreso de Chile.

From June 2019 to October 2019, the journalist began working as an anchor at the True channel featuring in one of its TV shows, “Hola America.”

Sfeir has also served as a Broadcast Journalist at Radio Television Marti.

Paul Sfeir Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Alongside Paul Sfeir Biografia Wikipedia, people worldwide are also searching for Paul Sfeir’s age. However, since limited sites have covered Paul’s personal information, it has been difficult for us to discover his actual age.

Nonetheless, the journalist has mentioned that he celebrates his birthday every year on December 29. Furthermore, he currently resides in Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area.

Paul Sfeir Biografia Wikipedia
Paul Sfeir’s exact birth date hasn’t been revealed yet. (Source: Instagram)

Overall, Paul Sfeir is a dedicated and prolific journalist with over 30 years of experience in the broadcast industry. He stands for what is right and never fails to amaze people with his strong advocacy and values.

As Paul holds an even brighter future in the coming days, we send him our best wishes, good luck, and light.

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