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Paul Walter Hauser Health Update: Condition After Major Physical Transformation

After Paul Walter Hauser accepted an Emmy while munching on some mango treats, netizens couldn’t help but wonder about his diet plan and health conditions. So let’s find out his current physical situation.

Born on October 15, 1986, Paul Walter Hauser is an American actor and professional wrestler.

His debut in the industry was marked by supporting roles in films like I, Tonya, BlacKkKlansman, and Late Night.

Further, Hauser’s comedic turns gained broad recognition and critical praise putting him in the prominent director’s eye.

Soon after, he was offered roles in Da 5 Bloods, Cruella, Richard Jewell, and Black Bird.

Moreover, his performances were appreciated by the industry as he won a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

With such popularity, his health and physical appearance have always been a spectacle for netizens.

For the same reasons, people are keen on learning more about the health transformation of Paul Walter Hauser.

Paul Walter Hauser Health Update: Condition After Major Physical Transformation

Over the years, fans have witnessed Paul Walter Hauser going through health problems and physical transformation.

Shortly after beginning his career, Hauser contracted gout, a painful arthritic disease that attacks the joints.

Further, the disease was brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle and diet as the actor was addicted to alcohol and marijuana.

Paul Walter Hauser taking picture with Laura Dern
Hauser initially had an inconsistent workout routine. (Source: Instagram)

Whether he was celebrating, bored, or trying to mask the pain, Hause used to consume food.

Moreover, this led to an obese figure as the actor weighed around 300 pounds at the time.

As his acting career took off, Hauser resolved to lose weight and started reducing his portion sizes.

Such changes helped the actor lose 55 pounds which encouraged him to join a gym membership.

Despite his efforts, the health condition of Paul Walter Hauser persisted which often obstructed his acting career.

However, Hauser didn’t let such setbacks affect him and got involved in several acclaimed films like I, Tonya.

The actor continued his workout routine but became disheartened when he had to gain 30 pounds for a film.

His journey of physical transformation kept taking place until he landed in Black Bird, where Hauser played a real-life serial killer.

Paul Walter Hauser black and white photo
Hauser ate mango slices on the Emmy stage as part of an inside joke. (Source: Instagram)

During the shoot, Hauser remained deeply depressed and continued to abuse alcohol and marijuana.

Nonetheless, midway through filming, he quit drinking which drastically helped him to lose 40 pounds.

With such change, the physical and mental health of Paul Walter Hauser slowly began getting better.

Currently, Hauser is thankful for getting a role in the series that changed his life.

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Secret To Healthy Lifestyle: Transformation Tips From Hauser

After going through a noticeable transformation, Paul Walter Hauser did not hesitate to share his tips.

Despite having an inconsistent weight loss journey, Hauser was always content with the results.

Moreover, after losing himself to addiction, the actor realized that a change was necessary in his life.

Paul Walter Hauser with his wife and children
Hauser’s wife encourages him to indulge in healthy activities and work out. (Source: Instagram)

Slowly, Hauser approached 90 days of sobriety which aided him in his weight loss and fitness journey.

Similarly, the Emmy winner revealed that doing yoga every day and shooting hoops helps him gain consistency.

Hauser found a small practical ritual that helped him stay on track which was to keep journals of good decisions.

Likewise, he started adding fun routines to his daily workout that felt fulfilling and rewarding.

During his journey, Hauser began waking up at 4:44 am and posting early-morning workouts on Instagram with the hashtag #444club.

Hauser working out in a gym
Hauser was once addicted to alcohol and marijuana. (Source: Instagram)

Later his fans caught up to the trend and joined Hauser’s journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, the actor weighs around 260 pounds with excellent health that has helped boost his confidence.

Along with that, Hauser feels the entire process has made home a better father and husband.

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