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Star Trek Paul Wesley Weight Loss Before And After: Vegan Diet And Workout

Let’s have a look at Star Trek’s Paul Wesley weight loss journey. Also, get insights on the actor’s vegan diet and workout plan.

Paul Wesley is the stage name of Pawe Tomasz Wasilewski, an American actor, director, and producer.

He is well-known for his roles as James T. Kirk in the Paramount+ original series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Besides, he has also appeared in Stefan Salvatore’s drama series The Vampire Diaries. 

Since The CW’s September 2009 launch of the popular television series The Vampire Diaries, Wesley has played the role of Stefan Salvatore.

However, he started producing The Vampire Diaries at the start of season 8 and directed the show in its fifth season. He was episode 16’s director for Freeform’s second season of Shadowhunters.

Wesley also played the character of Luke Cates in the CBS television drama Wolf Lake in 2001, as an early acting role in his career.

He starred in the ABC Family miniseries Fallen in 2007 and appeared in the 2008 CBS television movie The Russell Girl.

Paul Wesley Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Pics

There have been speculations about Paul Wesley’s weight loss over the internet. Several queries from the fans have also surfaced on various social media platforms. 

However, the actor hasn’t talked much about his weight loss journey. But the fact that Paul follows a healthy diet and workout plan is well-known.  

The actor is vegan and does not intake meat items in his regular diet. This can also be one of the causes of his loss in weight.

Paul Wesley Weight Loss
Paul Wesley weight loss, before and after picture. (Source: FanPOP)

Also, thanks to his healthy diet and workout plans, Paul seems to have lost weight since his first appearance in The Vampire Diaries.

Paul attempts to meet as many nutritional demands as possible by diet alone, but he still gets some of the protein he requires through supplements.

The actor from Vampire Diaries typically takes multivitamins and vegan protein shakes as part of his regular supplement regimen.

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Paul Wesley Vegan Diet: What Are Included In His Plans?

For more than ten years, Wesley has been following a plant-based diet. His main reasons for not eating meat are environmental sustainability and compassion for animals.

He eats every three hours or such. He consumes foods like salads, veggie-filled rice bowls, and plant-based protein shakes. Additionally, he consumes a lot of water—at least a gallon daily.

Paul Wesley Vegan
Paul Wesley maintains a strict vegan diet for his good health. (Image Source: Plant Based News)

The menu suggested by actor Wesley comprises straightforward, nutrient-dense dishes. He also says we should utilize rationality and nutrition knowledge when choosing foods.

He argues that food has a more immediate and direct impact on our bodies than exercise. 

His meal plan contains the majority of macronutrients, including healthy fats, because they promote the hormone testosterone production, which is essential for our body’s ability to build muscle.

Star Trek Paul Wesley Workout Plan

Paul Wesley’s famed physique results from his intense strength- and cardio-training regimen.

The actor exercises his muscles extremely frequently, which accounts for his robust physique. He has impressive muscles and a slim, fit figure, which makes him look hot.

Paul works out regularly. The Star Trek cast also declared that no matter what, he would work out at least three times per week, mixing cardio and weight training.

The actor gives his workouts a total of fifty minutes. Whether for his pastime or the movies, he likes experimenting with different workouts. In addition, Paul enjoys boxing and other forms of indoor workouts.

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