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Who Is Peggy Fulford Son Elkin? Meet Her Five Husband

This article revolves around Peggy Fulford Son Elkin, her husband, and her personal life. She is a fraudster who has stolen from the nation’s biggest athletes.

In a promo reel for her planned reality show about her work as a financial advisor for elite athletes, Peggy Fulford chirped cheerily, “I manage a significant portion of their daily lives, and when you command someone’s financial matters, that is their life.”

Nevertheless, as the extent of Fulford’s crimes came to light, those initially seemingly innocent statements quickly took on an unpleasant meaning.

Peggy Ann Fulford was a fraudster woman who was covered in diamonds, affectionately referred to her friends as “baby,” and said that all she wanted to do was help athletes with their money for no charge.

But Fulford was also a robber, taking millions of dollars to support her opulent lifestyle. She recruited a group of sportsmen using her charm and personal connections by assuring them all of “generational prosperity.”

While overseeing their accounts, she would grant them an allowance. Peggy quickly rose to fame to the point where she was offered a reality show with a tentative title, “The Peggy Show.”

However, for all the crimes and robberies, Peggy Fulford has now been arrested and is serving 10 years in prison. Hence, via this article, let’s get to know about her personal life including her husband and kids.

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Who Is Peggy Fulford Son Elkin?

With her first husband, Peggy Fulford had the privilege to become a mother for the first time with the arrival of her son, Elkin King.

Peggy met her first husband while attending Spelman College. After exchanging the wedding vows, she got pregnant and dropped out of Spelman ending her formal education.

After her husband was one of the 31 people to be killed in Milwaukee in 1985 when a DC-9 crashed immediately after takeoff, she began looking after her son all alone as a single mother.

Peggy Fulford Son Elkin
Peggy Fulford’s son, Elkin Jr. was represented as her brother to the world previously. (Source: Oxygen True Crime)

Despite facing several challenges, Peggy and her son Elkin were leading a comfortable lifestyle, but it turns out that the comfort all comes from her betrayal and robbing of famous athletes.

While Fulford was robbing many innocent athletes, she also involved her son Elkin in it. She represented her son as her younger brother, both to her close friends and her BET sizzle reel.

It was strange for a mother to introduce her own son as her brother to the world, but everything seemed fair to Peggy as she was blinded by crime and looting.

Well, it was discovered that Elkin is Peggy Fulford’s first son during FBI agent Jim Hawkins’s investigation, which was sparked by a newspaper headline in December 2013.

This was just one of many weird facts Hawkins discovered during his investigation. 

Meet Peggy Fulford Five Husbands

The fraudster Peggy Fulford has been married five times in her lifetime. As stated earlier, her first husband, whose identity hasn’t been revealed died in a 1985 DC-9 plane crash.

Following her first husband’s death, she went on to marry a second time. After their divorce, she met Forrest King, and they married after some time.

Peggy Fulford’s third husband was an emergency physician who served as Best’s agent during negotiations with the Mavericks and the Heat. 

Peggy Fulford Son Elkin
Former American basketball player Dennis Rodman was one of the biggest victims of fraudster Peggy Fulford. (Source: SI)

Furthermore, the identity of her fourth husband hasn’t been revealed yet but his last name is Williams which matches Peggy’s other biggest victim, Ricky Williams, a professional football player.

Besides, her fifth husband was shown as the surgeon in the sizzle reel, and Peggy’s last name comes from her fifth husband’s surname.

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