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Penn Jillette Health: 2023 Updates On Weight loss And Diet Plan

Penn Jillette, a beloved magician had to go through a weight loss journey to improve his health. His diet plan has created a buzz on the internet. Let’s explore.

Penn Jillette is a famous magician, actor, writer, and host of various TV shows.

He and his friend Teller perform as a duo and are often regarded together as Penn and Teller.

They saw their rise to fame through the television game show “Penn and Teller: Fool Us.”

He is currently 67 years old and began his journey into magic at a very early age.

Currently, Penn Jillette is gaining a lot of attention after his huge weight loss due to a certain health issue.

Penn Jillette And His Health Struggles: A Magical Weight Loss Journey from 322 lbs to 225 lbs

In the year 2015, bad news made its way into Penn’s life; it was about his health.

He learned that his heart was 90% blocked due to unstable blood pressure.

The blood pressure issue was because of his unhealthy weight and lifestyle.

Penn Jillette Health
Penn Jillette has made it seem possible for many others who also want to lose weight. (Source: Instagram)

Doctors suggested losing weight to improve his health and reduce the risks of potential heart problems.

Penn Jillette was around 322 lbs at the time. The discovery of his health risk was a wake-up call for the magician.

There were other solutions for Penn Jillette to improve his health; various medications could have helped.

However, doctors made it clear that medications were just a short-term solution.

Penn Jillette finally came to realize that he had to lose weight, or else he might face a very serious health risk.

In the year 2016, Penn began his weight loss journey.

Today, Penn weighs just 225 lbs, which is almost 100 lbs less than what he began with.

Penn Jillette has mentioned the challenges and the steps he took to lose 100 lbs in his book.

Penn and teller
Penn is now very actively working and is healthier than ever. (Source: Instagram)

The book is titled, “Presto: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales.”

In his book, the secret of his weight loss has come to revelation.

He says that the thing that helped him shed 100 lbs was potatoes.

Yes, the diet plan that Penn Jillette followed mostly had potatoes in it.

Penn Jillette’s Hardcore Weight Loss Journey: Potatoes, Discipline, and a Vegas Magician’s Advice

In the book, he writes that he is the kind of person who believes in doing things hardcore.

So, to lose weight, he completely avoided eating socially or going to different places with his friends.

Penn also mentions that he could have chosen beans instead of potatoes to add variety to his Weight Loss Diet plan.

However, he thought potatoes seemed much better than beans.

He would add different vegetables and salad alongside his potatoes and also had a workout routine.

His workout routine helped him maintain his discipline throughout his weight loss journey.

In the book, Penn also writes that after his weight loss, his health has been better than ever.

Penn Jillette insta
Penn Jillette says that he had to have a lot of discipline on his journey to improve his health. (Source: Instagram)

He does not feel the need or temptation to go back to his old lifestyle and unhealthy diet plan.

After disclosing his diet plan, Penn Jillette received some criticism from many people.

The director of Good Housekeeping Institute, Jaclyn London, says that it’s true that potatoes contain a lot of nutrients.

However, it is necessary to add other vegetables and proteins to the diet plan.

While the potato diet plan has worked great for Penn Jillette to keep his health in check, he suggests his fans create their own diet plan.

He funnly adds not to take health advice from a Las Vegas Magician.

His book was his own way to share his experience in improving his health and the challenges he had to face.

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