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Who Is Edward Mordaunt? Penny Mordaunt Brother Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Viewers are curious about Penny Mordaunt Brother after several headlines regarding the arrest of Edward Mordaunt surfaced on the internet.

Penny Mordaunt is a British politician serving as Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council since September 2022. 

Since May 2010, the politician has been a member of the Conservative Party; she has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Portsmouth North. Penny was appointed Leader of the Commons after Truss became Prime Minister.

Before being elected as the Leader, she served as a junior minister under Boris Johnson. She served in Theresa May’s Cabinet as Secretary of State for International Development from 2017 to 2019. Also, from May to July 2019, she worked as Secretary of State for Defence.

From 2014 to 2015, she served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Decentralisation. The Leader became the first woman to hold the post of promotion as Minister of State for the Armed Forces under the coalition government of David Cameron.

Who Is Edward Mordaunt?

Edward Mordaunt is the brother of Penny Mordaunt, who is serving as Leader of the House of Commons.

Her brother made several headlines after the news of his arrest surfaced on the internet.

According to sources, the 44 years Edward of Fairford Avenue admitted a charge of communication with a child at Leeds Crown Court.

Edward Mordaunt
Edward Mordaunt leaves court this afternoon after his sentencing
Credit: Ben Lack

As per the source, Edward sent the intimated pictures to the 12-year-old, then a 14-year-old describing her as a “little cutie,” and was snared by undercover officers after he began conversations.

According to his prosecutor, Katherine Robinson said that in February, Mordaunt logged into a group chatroom on the messenger app Kik called ‘UK Teens are Cool.’

After he was convicted, he was handed six months in jail and suspended for two years. 

A seven-year harm prevention order with restrictions on her brother’s access to the internet, 150 hours of unpaid labor, and 15 days of rehabilitation were issued to him.

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Why Was Penny Mordaunt Brother Arrested?

The brother of Conservative MP Penny was sent explicit images of a child and arranged to meet a 14-year-old girl.

According to sources, her brother chatted with who he believed was a 14-year-old girl called Elle on social media. And, sources revealed, the victim was a decoy managed by a police officer attempting to snare **x offenders.

Based on the judgment by Leeds Crown Court, her brother, a chartered surveyor, messaged her privately on May 4 this year after being in a group chat named “A-Levels in Leeds” with Elle.

The prosecutor Robinson revealed Edward referred to himself as “Teddy Eddie” and said he was like a bear and “sexy” and told the decoy she was also “sexy.”

After the final hearing, Edward accepts full responsibility and understands the harm of these types of offenses to victims.

Penny Mordaunt And Her Brother’s Age Gap Revealed

Penny is 49 years as of 2022 and was born on March 4, 1973, in Torbay, Devon. Whereas his brother is 44 years, was born in 1978. Therefore, the age gap between them is five years.

Besides Edward, she has another brother James Mordaunt who is also her twin. The politician has revealed she was named after the Arethusa-class cruiser HMS Penelope.

Penny Mordaunt Brother James Mordaunt
Penny Mordaunt with Brother James Mordaunt

 Following her twin brother leaving school, she became her younger brother Edward’s primary caregiver after her mother died of breast Cancer.

The politician attributed her interest in politics while working in hospitals and orphanages in Romania aftermath of the after solution.

Penny Mordaunt Family: What Is Her Ethnicity?

Penny’s mother, Jennifer (née Snowden), was a special needs teacher at several Purbrook schools.

Jennifer is a relative of Philip Snowden, one of the British politicians. Also, the renowned actress Dame Angela Lansbury is her grandmother’s cousin, distantly related to the former Labour leader George Lansbury.

Her father, John Mordaunt, served in the Parachute Regiment before retraining as a teacher and later a youth worker for Hampshire Council. 

The politician belongs to the British ethnicity and followed the catholic religion.

Penny received her education at Oaklands Roman Catholic Comprehensive School in Waterlooville, Hampshire, and later studied drama at the Victoryland Theatre School.

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