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Pepsi Paloma Scandal: Who Raped Filipino Dancer?

Pepsi Paloma scandal was viral when she accused comedians Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto, and Ricardo Reyes of rape. Here’s everything we know about the late Filipino-American dancer’s highly publicized scandal.

Pepsi Paloma was a Filipino actress and dancer who gained fame in the 1980s for her appearances in films and television shows. She was born Delia Smith on July 17, 1966, in the Philippines.

Paloma rose to prominence in the entertainment industry as a dancer and performer at the age of 14. She became famous for her seductive and provocative dance moves, which made her a sought-after performer in nightclubs and bars.

She made her acting debut in the 1981 film Brown Emmanuelle. Along with Sarsi Emmanuelle and Coca Nicolas, she was advertised as one of the so-called “soft drink” beauties under the stage name Pepsi Paloma.

Despite appearing in a handful of films, and being at the top of her acting career, Paloma’s career saw a downfall after getting involved in a highly publicized scandal.

In 1982, Paloma was allegedly raped by three men, who were identified as Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, and Richie D’Horsie, all of whom were also popular entertainers in the Philippines.

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Pepsi Paloma Scandal: Who Raped Filipino Dancer?

Paloma was involved in a widely reported scandal after making appearances in a few movies when she accused comedians Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto, and Richie D’Horsie of rape.

Pepsi claimed that she and a fellow actress Guada Guarin were raped after being drugged and brought to a room at the SulĂ´ Hotel in Quezon City.

Soon after getting involved, Vic’s elder brother, actor, and potential senator Tito Sotto, allegedly threatened Paloma with a gun to get her to drop the charges.

Although some press accounts said Pepsi’s mom signed the Affidavit of Desistance on her behalf, Sotto had prepared one and gotten her signature.

Pepsi Paloma Scandal
Pepsi Paloma’s scandal has gained the maximum media coverage and public attention. (Source: Pinterest-Phillipines)

The suspects would have been executed by the electric chair if found guilty of the allegations, however, they weren’t pressed for any rape charges.

Likewise, around that time, Pepsi was also reported missing and later discovered being held hostage by accused felon Bienvenido “Ben Ulo” Mendoza, a member of the Sotto family, according to a Philippine Daily Inquirer article that has since been deleted.

Even though the three suspects initially refuted Paloma’s claims, they later issued a public apology, saying, “We hope that you will not permit the error we made against you to stand as a barrier to that future that we all are excited about.

Therefore, we humbly implore you to find it in your heart to absolve us of the injustice we have committed against you.”

Paloma chose not to continue her complaint and the case was not brought to court as a result of the signed Affidavit of Desistance.

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Pepsi Paloma Death And Aftermath

Despite the settlement, Paloma’s career suffered, and she struggled with depression and drug addiction. She attempted suicide several times and was hospitalized for a drug overdose in 1985.

On May 31, 1985, at the age of 18, Paloma was found dead in her apartment in Quezon City, Philippines. The cause of her death was ruled as suicide by hanging.

Paloma’s death sparked a controversy, and her supporters claimed that she was driven to suicide by the trauma of the rape and the subsequent media attention. However, the accused denied any wrongdoing and have not been convicted of any crime related to Paloma’s death.

Pepsi Paloma Scandal
Pepsi Paloma’s rape case was one of the factors in her suicide. (Source: The Asian Affairs)

Moreover, Pepsi’s tragic story has become a symbol of the exploitation and abuse faced by young women in the entertainment industry.

She has been the subject of several films, books, and documentaries that explore her life and death, as well as the larger issues of sexual harassment and abuse in the industry.

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